Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Citrus Fruit Drink And Your Health Part2
This is the second part of our story so far.

The oil in its skin is important because of its major component, limonene plus more than ten essential mineral oils including alpha-pinene and thymol. The oils from the skin is used for skin and hair care.

You can make this by warming coconut or olive oil in a small copper pan. Put the zest or peel in the warm oil and allow to simmer and cool, then drained it off. The oils in the tangerine skin condensed into the coconut or olive oil.

Nutrient Content

Citrus fruits contain flavonoids, potassium and folates as in all green plants. 

Others are minerals, vitamin, fibers, calcium and thiamin; B6, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Riboflavin, pantotheinic acid, carbohydrates e.g simple sugars, glucose and fructose are other content of this elixir nutrient. All this has already been mentioned above.

Medicinal Uses

Scuvy and vitamin C goes hand in hand. This is another import of drinking the juice of the citrus fruits. Long ago, it was discovered that sailors travelling on a long journey suffered from a certain disease. This was later identified as scurvy. It was soon realize that it was caused by the lack of vitamin C in the meal of the sailors. 

When a citrus fruit like oranges were introduced to the dirt of the sea farer, the disease disappeared. As Britain ruled the waves, it was a well guard military secret, because many foreign nationals also had they navy on the high seas and scurvy was a naval or mariners scorge. So using lemons and later limes to treat the disease was kept as a top secret by the Royal Navy. Many years later, vitamin C came to be identified as ascorbic acid.

Scurvy is easily prevented by eating citrus fruits. Other fruits and vegetables have enough vitamin C, but citrus fruits provide an excellent source. Vitamin C prevents bleeding of the blood vessels and bruising of the skin and gums. At most 10 mg from limes, lemons, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables can prevent the deficiency if taken daily. A half slice of lime fruit can give you this amount. The whole of a small orange also gives same the amount. Regular uses of these fruits (mixed your intakes) will keep the level of the vitamin in the blood stream at peak.

Pectin: Pectin is one of the many heteropolysaccharides in plants walls. Polysaccharides are sugars. Poly means many, and so these many sugars varied in structure. It is only in limes, lemons, oranges and grape fruits that the highest and excellent levels of pectin can be found.

Citrates: Citrates are contained in citrus fruits. Lemons seem to be the best and have the highest concentration of this acid group. Taken regularly as a juice or lemonades, the tendency for the formation of kidney stones in the body is zero.

The vitamin C in citrus fruit synthesis collagen. Collagen binds and heals wounds; holds tendors, blood vessels, ligaments and bones together. Again the vitamin C in citrus enhance iron absorption in our foods in a way which any other fruits and vegetables cannot do. In the digestive tract, vitamin C binds the iron and the newly formed iron-vitamin C complex is absorbed together. This is also very important in drinking the juice of the citrus fruits.

 Why You Should Drink Citrus Fruit Juice
1Excellent vitamin C content: Many fruits and vegetables have more vitamin C than citrus fruits. For example, guava has more vitamin C 86% than most fruits. Yet, the vitamin C potent of guava is poor compared to limes or lemons. Lime have 35% vitamin C at most. The best thing about this as we noted earlier is that this vitamin in citrus fruits help iron absorption in meals, especially eggs, meat and fish.

2.     Develop And Strengthen The Immune System : In one of my hubs on the ebolavirus scourge, I said what do doctors do to strengthen their immune system, since their easily contact a virus disease too. Doctors and health workers inclusive are an easy prey to most contagious diseases. It is the same with ordinary peoples. Take the cold virus as an example. It can affect any one who came into contact with the sufferer. Lucky to say, those with a strong immune system always escape the flu. One way to develop a strong immune system is to regularly eat the products of the citrus fruits especially limes and lemons in their natural state. These are the only fruits that are excellent in strengthening the immune system against ill-healthy and disease.

3.     Prevents The Formation Of Kidney Stones : Some foods we eat can form kidney stones in the urinary tracts. Take for example, synthesis vitamin C tablets and capsules, and some foods noddle or refined carbohydrates. These form kidney stones over a period of time in the body. Regular eating of limes and lemons will prevent its formation, and dissolved the stones.

4.     Antioxidant Functions : Free radicals or molecules are usually formed in the body anytime. They build up cholesterol. They are dangerous and are liable to destroy healthy cells and form cancerous cells. The presence of vitamin C helps to check those destructive activities. Vitamin C from citrus fruits is the most potent antioxidant to check this function.

5.     Internal Cleansing Agent: Citrus fruits especially lime and lemons are good cleansing agent for the intestinal tract and keeps the respiratory system healthy. On rising up from sleep in the morning, taking a glass of water to flush your belly is good. Adding a lime or lemon juice to the water is better. This helps to cleanse and flush your digestive system and keeps the respiratory system healthy. Further, it strength the immune system and rejuvenate the body.

6.     Anticancer Properties: Vitamin C in limes and lemons especially fights cancers in the body.
Eating…You may wonder how someone can ate a citrus fruit daily. Or rather drink a glass of the juice daily. Have you ever thought of how a person can drink a warm cup of black tea daily? Many of us are green tea or coffee addicts. On the average, I drank three cups of tea daily, and this earned me Mr. Tea in my nuclear family. No wonder, this tea bug infect one of my children so much that during a church service, the boy had to ask for a cup of tea!

If a person can drink black or red tea daily, it is equally easier to drink a glass of citrus juice.
This is how. Most of the time, many of us really take a glass of cold water on rising up from sleep in the morning. I do. Think about cutting and squeezing half a slice of lime or lemon or both into the water. Like as you cut a slice into that glass of wine or whisky. This dilute mixture of water and lime, as we have realize elsewhere, flush your digestive system and has a restorative effect on both the respiratory and immune system. Tea and coffee has no significant vitamin C value, the power house that fights and destroy free radicals in the body.

Old School Sense Or science?

 Yes, you can daily eat citrus fruits up to five servings in the day. I do so with my family. I purchase the fruits at affordable prices, at the cost of at most three dollars per week. Let me analysis this. I get limes and tangerines at 50 cent per purchase. Oranges costs me 50 cents too. More than ten pieces of these fruits at 50 cents is fair enough. Lemons and grape fruits will cost me a dollar depending on the quantity. So I had enough for the week with my family.

What I did was to wash, cut and squeeze out the juices of the one lime, lemon and grape fruit into a bowl. This I dilute with some water. Two pinched or ¼ of a teaspoon of salt added to the mixture and it is ready for sharing. Note: If you add sugar, use brown or black sugar The oranges and tangerines will be eaten as normally. An orange can be slice into six pieces and the juice sucked or eaten with the flesh. This is for the day and right in the morning before breakfast.

You can enjoy a lime with cucumber as a snack. Wash the lime and cucumber as usually. Cut the lime into two half and squeeze one half into a glass of water. The remaining half is sliced thinly into this mixture. Enjoy it with the cucumber. The unpeel skin of the lime and the tiny seeds should be chew along with the cucumber for its medicinal effects of expelling worms in the stomach.
You can prepare your papaya into a plate. Slice three or more pieces of line and squeeze this over the papayas and enjoy. Do the same with avocado.

·         Summary…All citrus fruits hold imports in their potency to fight and prevent a ill-health.
·         Lime and lemon flavor drinks made under commercial processes are not to be preferred for the real fruit or dilute mixture of the juices.
·         The citrus fruits are evergreen flowing plants and producing fruits all year round.
·         They are acid forming and alkaline in the body after consumption.
·         The can be found in nearly all the countries of the world and in many differing varieties.
·         They antioxidant contents to boost the immune system, the most important defense system of the human body surpass any other plant products, even that of green tea.
·         The most commonly consumed citrus fruits are lime, lemon, oranges, tangerines and grape fruits.
·         The nutrient content of the fruits includes flavonoids, potassium, follate, minerals and vitamins; fibres, calcium, thiamin and B6; magnesium, phosphorous and copper, riboflavin, pantotheinic acid, glucose and fructose.
·         It’s most important medicinal use is in combating scurvy and had a military history in this regard.
·         The main reasons to eat the fruits or make and drink the juice includes its excellent vitamin potency, cleanse the intestinal tracts to maintain the respiratory system, strengthening the immune system, prevents and eliminates kidney stones and destroys free radicals.
·         The daily eating of the fruit boost your health.
·         Wash the fruits in clean running water before cutting and peeling.
·         Enjoy limes with papayas, avocado and cucumbers as a snack.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima). Copyright 2015.