Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Physically Exercising Your Body

Frankly, I do not know what an exercise is until I was sent to school at the age of 6.

It is called physical exercise or PE. Physically exercising your body is medicine that delivers immense health benefits.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are PE days; and we have special design clothes for this. One physical exercise I learn that ever stay with me is the wheel barrow with a partner.

In later years after leaving grammar school, I make something good out of it into a swimming lesson. I also learn few plyometrics or jump training lessons here.

Perhaps, the exercises in my primary school days are usually aimed at sporting events. And so, I was moderately good in running events and playing football.

At the age of 15, I was entering secondary grammar school. Same days of the week Monday, Wednesday and Friday are schedule PE days.

All students had to take part in the workouts. There in grammar school I learn the jumping jack, squat, and the press up and down. Jogging is more regular here and as the season of sports draw near, we take it further into cross country racing in preparation for marathon.

I was made to understand that in all the workouts, we are building a strong and sturdy body. And so we are told to execute the workouts correctly and seriously.

Physical Activities

Physical activities are domestic chore or economic task that is carried out daily. As a house wife, you may be chopping some vegetables to prepare a nice and delicious meal to your family now. This task is a physical activity. Your husband may be washing the car and re-arranging both the living and sitting room. This also is a physical activity. The children are returning from the play ground or from school, and will be taking the stir to get to you. Still another physical activity is involved.

A wood worker or a mechanic is engaged in an economic labor. The level of muscular movement with the arm is physical activities and not an exercise. The level of condition in doing all these thing are not calculated scientifically. So these are not true exercises when compared to the merits that can be obtained from doing physical exercises.  But there are means of keeping the body vigorous so to speak.

True physical exercises help enhanced physical activities and physical fitness.

Running can be regard as an extension of jogging exercise. So are sprint, dash and marathon. Playing football, tennis, basketball and other sporting games for leisure is an extension exercise.

Importance Of Physical Exercises

·        Builds and develops a strong and healthy body and immune system

·        And as such, wards of a cold or virus attack

·        Develops strong bones and prevent osteoporosis on the onset of middle age

·        It conditioned the body to perform well in a physical sporting activity like running or sprint at a higher level

·        Increases the heart rate, and so

·        Develop and strengthen the lung and heart,

·        Carry digested food nutrients and oxygen all over the body

·        Develops cardio fitness level

·        And hence, prevent heart related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus

·        Develops tendons, ligaments, cartilages, joints and the range of movement in the joints

·        And so, strengthen bones and muscles

·        better mental health and mood into old age

·        prevent falls in older persons by adjusting the body to balance well by jogging

·        Develops relaxation and thus a nice sleeping habit is assured

·        Increased the life span by 15 years or more according to the latest research

·        Exercise and physical activities can help control a person weight

·        Helps prevent some cancers, breast cancer and colon cancer specific

·        And much more that I am unable to tell all in this writing like improving the sex drive and the sex act in both men and women when done moderately.

What Is A Physical Exercise

If you think physical activities are the same as a physical exercise, you may be highly disappointed.

What divide physical exercise from physical activity is the conditioning involved. A sprinter needs training at various levels to prepare well. Some of the training may involve weight lifting along with barbell and dumb bell. This will help build strength and endurance. Do such training necessary for you to chop your vegetables? That is hardly the case.

Physical exercises are exercises that conditioned you to apply strength endurance training and fitness tests in sporting and games. At the same time it develops your body immensely.

Physical exercises further improve health and wellness.

It is regard as a medicine that can be administer to patients like the medication of drugs now.

Now if you have a problem with the leg or knee joints, you may go rehabilitation of the joints just with exercise with a train physical therapist. You can get better here than with just drugs. This is just one in many of the best part of physically exercising the body.

10 Minutes Only

To begin your exercise, you only need a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes as a beginner. In addition, you need to find out from a good doctor your cardio fitness level for the exercise program. You can then later increase the time limit to 45 minutes.

If you have not been exercising for over a year, begin by taking a short walk round a football field or similar distance.

This is just 100 yards or 90 meters. You can make this out by walking some part or all the way to walk. It will prepare you well to a jogging event later.

I regularly talk a walk. I walk half way or all the way to walk because the distance is less than half mile. Skipping rope, press up and down, and jumping jack are a form of exercise that builds strong bones.

Start Stretching

I incorporate stretching into all my exercise routines. It is much better I stretch than not to do any exercise. So, I always stretch before doing any one exercise workout. I also stretch after doing jogging exercises. You may wonder why this is so.

Stretching will benefit you in many ways before and after doing any exercise. It will lengthen and make your muscles supple. Your joints become easily lubricate with synovial fluids; and the range of movement ROM in every joint is greatly increased. It further raised the heart rate.

For example, after jogging for a mile and back, you will get muscular pains and tension if you do not stretch. Stretching will let go of any muscle pain.

I think in some cases, like as we can see in later stories, you can do well without an exercise just by stretching and rushing into the bathroom and then go to work or that event. There is much good in doing so than nothing.

I stretch before and after my exercises. They are too much to gain from the stretching workout.

Like as in exercise, I take only 10 to 15 minutes to carry out my stretching routines.

Types Of Exercises

In this page, I will briefly describe some exercises that are common and will meet your daily health needs after some practice. Some of us are so familiar with them, and being inactive make us forget all.

1.     Flexibility: this will stretch and lengthen your muscles. It is a must before and after doing any aerobic or anaerobic exercises. You can take a short cut to avoid aerobic by doing flexibility exercises if you are short of time. I do so quite often and it keeps me in good health. It targets your joints to be flexible and keeps your muscles supple. For those who do not have the time to do either aerobic or anaerobic exercises, stretching exercise can rejuvenated your body, keep one fit and healthy for years.

2.     Aerobic: this exercise is associated with the big muscles of the body. Deep breathing and an increase in the blood circulation round the body, plus the ability to carry on any other activity characterize aerobic exercise. Walking, swimming, bicycling and slow leisurely running or jogging is aerobic exercises. It targets the health of the heart and lungs. Now, let’s say you are jogging or cycling with a partner. You both can talk with one another. You discuss, you joke and you both still have the strength to carry on. It means you both are cardio fit, and your cardiovascular endurance seems better or excellent. Walking or brisk walking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise.

3.     Anaerobic: this has to do with strength and resistance training. It helps to firm, strengthen and tone your muscles. It can also improve the strength of bones, balance and coordination. Weight lifting is the best known example. But it is costly to buy weight bearing tools. Some anaerobic exercise like isometrics will not cost you a cent or penny. You only need the floor or wall of your sitting room for executing them.
I combine three of these exercises during any of my major workouts.


Moderation is all that is need to reap many of the health benefits of exercise.

Vigorous or strenuous exercise will break your body down. But if you do it vigorous for a very limited timing of a minute or two,  good for you. Exercising vigorously for 30 minutes is bad. No health benefit is got from this.

This page is only an introduction to all the posts I will make on physical exercises.
My first post will be stretching exercise. Get ready for it.

And welcome to the world of physical exercise.

To your good health!
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Friday, 9 October 2015

How To Make Digestion Rock In Your Digestive System

This is the second part of the story so far, how you can make digestion rock in your digestive system.

The small intestine is made up of three units, the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is between 20 to 30 feet in length.

Normally, all the digestive products of the stomach be it carbohydrates, fats or oils and proteins are acidic.

This can cause problems to certain sensitive persons in the belly via allergic reactions. The result can be an upset stomach and the release of gas.

So you take the doctor’s prescription to the counter for a pack or sachet of an alkaline salt, right?

It is for this reason why you should do with a piece of citrus fruit always or made it available during meals.

Other fruits like papaya, (pawpaw), pineapple, melon and water melon are good because these are rich in dietary fibers and are alkaline fruits.

The citrus fruits or real 100% juice are always acidic, but become alkaline in the stomach after being digested in the mouth. This can prevent the issue. Any alkaline fruit or vegetable can do the trick too. Some greens in the meal help matters here. Drug when taken regularly for the trouble only compounds it.

Just cut a fresh lime or lemon and squeeze the juice into your glass of water during meal time and sip slowly when tasty. This your efforts in including an alkaline food item in the diet help much.

Naturally, all this can be taken care of by the liver as the acidic content of the stomach enters the duodenum.

So you think you do not have a thing or two to do, right? You’re wrong. What if the liver get over-burden? 

That is where the problem is.

Nonetheless, you have a part to play here in other to enhance the digestive process by including alkaline vegetables and fruits half in raw state in your chop plates always.

The liver produces bile salt and pancreatic juice. These are alkaline and neutralize the acidic reactions and products. It further stops the pepsin action.

Any excess of bile salt so produced by the bile is stored in the gallbladder; and can be reused for the next digestion of foods.

The secretions of the pancreas completes the chemical digestion of the foods we eat.

The Large Intestine

Compared to the small intestine length of about 20 feet, the large intestine is just or about 5 feet long.
Again, in spite of all the numerous digestive process going on in the small intestine, the mouth and the others, non takes place seriously here but only the digestion of food fibers for the colon health or healthy floral environment for the colon.

Curiously too, the remains of the digested food materials from the mouth to the small intestine stay a long time here at most 70 hours whereas it is between ½ to 6 hours between the stomach and the small intestine.

As the large intestine is able to digested fibers, it is vital that whole grain meal is included in your chop plate always. Many nuts provide this. Fruits and vegetables provide these bulks also. Whole wheat bread is rich in dietary fibers; so are complex cereals, grains and seeds.

Many root vegetables like potato, yams, cocoyam, chicory and Jerusalem artichoke provides much fibers if eaten with their skins.

Therefore, too much refines food items in the diet will not help the large intestine in fiber digestion. Fiber is the food the large intestine needs much of the time, and this has to be provide regularly in all meals, breakfast, snacks, dinner, lunch or supper.

Even a pre-breakfast of fruit juice much contain some fibers. That is why you have to make your juice at home by blending at most three various fruits or use 100% real fruit juice obtainable in most beverage stores.

The friendly bacterial responsible for the colonic fermentation will digest the fibers and keep pathogenic or disease causing bacteria from colonizing the colon.

Otherwise, the result is disease and ill-health via, constipation.

You will notice you cannot pass stool for two days. You will also need a purgative or herb tea to help purge your colon.

Including foods, fruits and vegetables rich in fibers can initially relief one of all the problems without resorting to the harmful purgatives in the form of senner formula cuts.

All the products of the fiber digestion is absorbed into the blood stream for both colon and body health.

The residues which are mainly unfriendly bacterial, some undigested food materials and water is later reject out of the body as stool, shit or faeces.

Every person has a strong role to play in the digestion of foods. Putting some food items in the mouth and swallowing same after a few seconds of mastication is not actually digestion. It is making way for constipation. So chew your foods well before swallowing.
A Chop Plate Of Noddle Fortify With Carrot, Fresh Red Tomato, Onions, Sardine And Eggs.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copy right 2015.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How To Make Digestion Rock In Your Digestive System Part1

Digestion, in very simple terms means the breakdown of big food particles into smaller pieces that can be used by the body. The big particles are composed of molecules. And these molecules cannot pass through the stomach or intestinal walls and had to be broken down into smaller size or units that the body can make use of.

Years ago, a very simple test was carried out by Thomas Graham, a scientist. He noted that simple food substances or products, for example sugar, salt, urine and glycerine can be made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane or patch of skin in a solution.

On the other hand, complex items like starch, gelatin, egg-white and likes hardly pass through membranes.

This principle will form the basis of digestion of food materials here.

Digestion begins in the mouth, and the foods we eat having been completely or partially digested passes through the various digestive tracts or membranes for the nourishing of cells, nerve, muscles, organs, and so on.

Yes, you can make digestion rock in your mouth, stomach, intestines or the food you eat will not be properly absorbed in a full measure. It will be absorb to a certain degree, but you will not get a medium or maximum benefit for good health.

In other words, food nutrients will not benefit you. The result will be malnutrition and lack of energy; disease occur leading to ill-health when the goal is to stay in good health.

You take a food into your mouth or you rather take a bite of a piece of meat or whatever it is. Some persons in haste chew (masticate) it partially and then hurriedly swallow it down. These groups will receive minimum benefit from the food eaten.

The rule is that you chew the food thoroughly before swallowing it down.

In my boyhood days, this principle was literally drilled into my head many times, and it stayed with me to date.

The food you were about to eat should be chewed. We can see here that semi liquids foods like custards which cannot be chew can still be digest with the alkaline saliva. The same thing applies to all liquids like tea, juices, wines and all beverages.

Here you will sip your tea or wine slowly for saliva to be added to it. In the case of the custard, I think you will like a nice cracker or whatever it is to chew along with it as a complement.

Some authority suggested that foods should be chewed into liquid form before swallowing down.

Why you may ask. The answer is that the digestive principle is a very complex mechanical, chemical and biological process as the digestive system is a complex structure.

In both human and higher animals including birds, the principles are somehow similar, if not the same.

Digestion is a preparatory process. It prepares the food one eat to be dissolve in a solvent solution or water making it diffusible into the body cells or the walls of the digestive tracts like the intestines.
Okay, now we look at the big picture of digestion.

The mouth

In all living things, exception is plants and some tiny-cell like animals, the process of digestion first begins in the mouth.

Three vital biological resources the teeth, tongue and saliva works together for this to take place.

Each tool has its vital place, but saliva is more serious right from the beginning.

Saliva is mucous like and contains ptyalin or amylase, an alkaline enzyme. It acts on the food, dissolving and lubricating same and bringing out the taste. Take a medium bite of a meat and chew it thoroughly until no more taste flows and you will understand this well.

Without saliva, you will not know if the food is tasty and delicious. It may look good, but it is chewing it well that counts.

The teeth grind (masticate) the food carbohydrates, fats and proteins including fruits and vegetables when you chew same; and the saliva further lubricate the mixture into a moist form. The tongue will roll the moist bolus or ball of food down the throat where digestion will continue in the stomach.

For saliva to act well on the food in the mouth, always take a pinch size or a little salt on all your chop plates to eat including vegetables.

Some complex food nutrients cannot be digested in the mouth. A good instance is B-Complex vitamins like B12. Saliva protects this vitamin in the mouth until it enters the small intestine where it reacts with the pancreatic protease and it is assimilate and circulate in the blood stream. Chew foods well to release the much need saliva to protect the much like micro-nutrients in the food.

The esophagus

Many do not realize that digestion also takes place in the esophagus or gullet. What is well known is that it is just a passage like the throat for partially digested foods from the mouth to the stomach.

The esophagus is a connective muscular organ to the stomach and delivers the mixture of food-acid-saliva or chyme to the stomach.

Sometimes, acids in the stomach can escape to the esophagus. The condition is know as Gastroesophageal Reflux disease (GERD) or heart burn. That is why the esophagus separates the mouth from the stomach. Salivary carbonate is another by-product of saliva. It has the ability to clear an escaping stomach acid to prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease..

Some experts will tell you to avoid all citrus fruits, cereals, nuts, grains and meat; all beverages, dairy products and so on. I then wonder what I should eat because these food items falls within my food basket.

You never have to mind them. The natural complex carbohydrates and all unprocessed foods is not a cause of gastroesophageal reflux disease.. It only arise from eating much processed or refined foods devoid of all macro and micro-nutrients.

Some persons experienced this unusual GERD action very much with pain, and it negatively affect the digestive process. Chewing the food you eat well can relief it.

The Stomach

The next line of the digestive process is in the stomach. Not all foods can be digested here for reasons to be explained. It depends on how you treat the foods in the mouth, certain bodily factors like stomach ulcers or peptic ulcers and coelic disease.

The stomach mix and grind the food without any human effort; yet you should chew your foods well.

In the stomach, digestion of cooked starch which begins in the mouth continues. But fats or oil  begin to be broken down. Chewing fatty foods and proteins well in the mouth will help things much here. 

You can swallow a piece of meat or fish down if you partially chew it or not. But the further breaking down of the fats and proteins is hardly or partially achieved.

Here in the stomach, strong enzyme action by the secretion of hydrochloric (HCI) acid acts on the fats and proteins. One by-product of the HCI acid is gastric juice. It will stop the fermentation of the food and kills any bacterial swallow along with the food. But this has its own limit. The HCI will not act on the cooked starch here. It has already dissembled by the saliva ptyalin in the mouth. So the digestion of the cooked starch will carry on for some 30 minutes until completed. Hence, the more thoroughly chewing of foods whether carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables is of a serious note. 

Another by-product of the hydrochloric gastric juice is renin. It clots milk and keeps it in the stomach. Where renin is not secreted, some persons find it had to retain milk in their stomach and results in serious ill-health like running stomach.

While renin clots the milk, pepsin will be acting on the milk proteins.

The digestion of the starch, fats and oils is not complete here but partially.

But the contraction and the relaxation of the muscles of the stomach and intestines in mixing the food into a soft liquid, and at interval passes into what is scientifically called pylorous opening or pyloric sphincter into the first opening of the small intestine, called the duodenum.

The story will continue in the second part.

To your good health!
A Plate Of Digestible Chop

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Eat Red Meat For Good Health

I like to include red meat in my chop plates. I had proper information on what to gain from eating red meat. 

The trouble with many is that too much misinformed ideas about red meat has been swollen without discretion or second though. The same thing applies to eggs as body building and nourishing foods. 

Red meant comes from cows especially. Goats and sheep also supply red meat. Many health benefits is derived from these food items. I will concentrate on eating meat for good health and gaining weigh here if you’re thin.

Meat is one of the four classes of foods. It is a fat. It supply some fatty acids need by the body for proper metabolism. 

Health information about meat is that it contains vitamin B-Complex, specially B1, thiamine, B2 and iron. The iron in meat is best absorbed than that from fruits and vegetables, but it needs the presence of vitamin C for this to take place in the blood stream. Meat is poor in vitamin A, C and D.  

One best thing about meat is that it is easily digestible and absorbed by the body in the blood stream and at the same time, releasing energy twice that of carbohydrates and proteins. Excess is stored in the adipose tissues and under the skin as insulator against cold.

Meat fat contained natural cholesterol and fatty acids that is good for health. It is the synthetic cholesterol in products like margarines that posed a health risk.

But meat or red meat has its minus sides. They say it is a factor in heart disease. Nothing could be far from this truth. Yes, meat when use in excess can speed up a gain in body mass index, or what is otherwise known as a gain in weight. The results include diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other heart issues.

There is nothing wrong in eating meat at the right proportion. One can eat meat along with say peanuts (ground nuts) daily and not felt any issue. I do. The fats from the nuts can help in countering the side effects from the meat.

I remember a time I realize I was losing weigh rapidly. I thought of supplementing my meals with drugs over the counter. The result was not good after a month. Eating meat solve the issue. So, I bought 100 Ib of meat, treat it well by frying and saving same for daily use. I take 50  gm or more daily in all my meals along with handful of peanuts. It was a very good result.

That was some 30 years ago. But today, and over 58 years old I have not experience any heart related disease. 

You know the French Paradox where Westerners eat meat more than any other food items. The French people eat their meat along with more fish or seafood. Think about the mediterrean diets which include seafood, wine and exercise. They stay heart healthy. 

When you consume meat above that which the body need, you are asking for trouble. You are in fact digging your grave with your teeth.

Besides eating meat with some peanuts, I also include legumes along with the meal. Soya bean is the best legume I know of. It works well in supplement protein from the meat. Do not misunderstand me here.

In nutrition and digestion, 1/5 of the fats and protein has to come from plant sources; the other 4/5 is animal, birds and fish. This is because plant source do not contain saturated fats. In fact these saturated fats from animals are work by the plant source to become unsaturated. That is why one should always include vegetable protein and fats along with animal sources. This is a basic fact to know.

You fear meat can cause cancer. Yes, it will if you misuse it. So treat it moderately in all your meals.

For men like me who are above 58 years, medicine says it is prostate cancer for eating fat meat. For women, it is breast cancer. Yes, I agreed but I also know that fat meat has healthy factors to benefit or rather my promote health, and of course my body.

Like as I say, I eat it daily to maintain my gain in weigh. Now having achieved that, I include meat three times weekly in all my meals. For example, here is what I could take for snack some days: fried meats, peanuts half in raw state or half done, bean, fried sardines, mullets and tilapia, a cup of black tea with added milk and sugar, fried sweet or Irish potatoes with their skin plus any of my favorite fruits and greens.

I eat this in a well relaxed state of mind. I enjoy munching all the fried items along with the nuts. In fact, I would chew a piece of peanut thoroughly enjoying its flavor and before taking on others like meat, greens and fish. Then I’ll sip my tea to wash it down.

Add to all these I am always active with my daily and weekly exercise like walking, swimming and jogging; including any aerobic exercise. So I stay in top shape.

You will notice I do not include grains. It is only a snack. But when it comes to lunch or supper, rice or any other carbohydrate is a most. This is where many got it all wrong. They eat more that 100 gram of meat regularly and later end up with heart issues. They got it all wrong because they are not moderate in eating meats.

I know of a poor fellow in my neighborhood. He was very financial challenged and could not afford meat much of the time in his meals. He depends on fish but he was healthy. Later, his finances got an upturn. You’ll wonder how he got such large chunk of meats into his soup plate. He will soon after a good plate of meal supplement these with steaks from red meats again. The man got fat and fatter and died with heart attack. I pity the poor fellow much.

Meat is good. Eat it with fish, nuts, legumes, greensand roots; fruits and grains and you are on your way to good health.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Supplementing The Food You Eat With Essential Food Supplements

I eat a well balanced chop plate of food daily.

A balanced meal, says dieticians and other food or nutrition experts will contained certain percentage of complex carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables plus water.

All these are need primarily for energy; for growth, development, repair and replacement of tissues, bones, ligament, nerves and other intricate parts of the body.

It is best if all the food items were natural rather than processes foods.

Okay, here is an example of a balanced meal for a 60kg man

·         Complex Carb………………………………………………..500g
·         Fats and oils……………………………………………..…….60g
·         Protein……………………….....................................100g
·         Greens and non-leafy vegetables………………..…300g
·         Fruits……………………………………………….………………60g

With this said, why do you think you still need a food supplement? 

The balanced meal I consumed contained all the vitamin and phytonutrients or mineral matters my body need for proper metabolism. But why the extra need for a food supplement? 

At times a special need of food supplements can arise like during a period of ill-health; and when one is recovering after a surgical operation. This is because at this point, less food is being consumed. Such cases are usually understood. But why does one need a food supplement when not strike with ill-health? 

The Need For Food Suplement

Food supplements are vital to any meal one ate. 

Even if you eat only natural foods that are not processed into refined state, you may miss a food factor in the meal you eat. That is where food supplements become of import. 

You see we are still human beings and not animals. Animals got all their needs from the natural states as things are. We humans need to cook all or most of our foods.

With the exception of fruits and certain non-leafy and green leafy vegetables, carbs, fats and oils, and proteins are to be treated with heat or cooked before eating. In the process of cooking the food items say green leafy vegetable certain percentages of essential food nutrients are lost.

In cooking carbs or any water soluble food items for example, vitamin C, B-Complex, vitamin K, anti-grey hair factor, and filtrate factor are mostly or completely destroy. Up to 60% vitamin C and B-complex can be lost in cooking greens. Digesting the 40% will not be completely absorbed by the body due to incomplete digestion. For example, the food not being fully masticated, right from the mouth and as only a partial form of digestion takes place, it is thus partially absorbed in the intestinal villi or intestinal walls. In treating carbs like potatoes and yams with heat, the starch can be over cooked at times and the food nutrients destroyed completely. It is when the carbs is cooked half done or 2/3 that much is got from it in terms of food nutrients.

Some greens will carry germs, virus and bacterial unknown to you. Cold freezing them renders the virus useless and inactive or ineffective. But here all water soluble nutrients get destroyed during the storage or freezing process. You mostly get bulk or roughage in eating such items.

Besides this, it is quite obvious that one still needs a supplement to replace the lost during the cooking and eating stage. This is where supplements become crucial again. 

Chelated Form Of Nutrients

Some foods nutrients are best absorbed when in chelated form up to 90% but not completely. Food nutrients that can be absorbed 100% by the human body are rare indeed. 

With the exception of alcohol which is a beverage and a drug, and can be absorbed 100% via, the stomach walls, all other food items carbs, fats and oils, proteins are below this level. 

The chelated form of food materials are chemically engineered for easy or maximum absorption. Vitamins, mineral matters, proteins in amino acid form are process into chelate forms. So if you badly need a supplement, you can easily have it over the counter.

Some most important food supplement the body needs are amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins C, B-Complex, iron for the formation of new red blood cells; others include magnesium and potassium salts, not epsom salt which is laxative.

The most important food supplement that the body needs is protein especially for building muscles.

Protein Supplements

Proteins are by far the most important food items that the body needs, not that carbs, fats and oils are not important. This is because every part of the body is made up of protein cells. The hair is made up of protein. So are the skin, nails, tissues, and above all the muscles of the body. Think of every organs of your body as consisting mostly of proteins. 

Protein supplements helps to enhance the protein intake of the body. It can help rebuild dead cells. 

Getting Enough Protein From Meals

If you are like me, I think you can do or do without a protein supplement some times. Yes, I do not go on a regular protein supplement intake because I varied all my protein sources fish, meats, eggs, milk, legumes, seeds and roots. These items can form a plate of chop in the right proportion.

With the exception of meat, eggs, and fish, all the others are cooked half in raw state or stewed for 5 minute, so I get better benefit in my chop plates.

One very salient thing missing in most meals is the skin of foods. You usually discard them right? In this you miss a most valuable food item.

There is this vitamin C1 factor which is little known. You can get it in the skin of the citrus fruits, but I am sure you always throw them away!

Take the skins of root crops like yams and potatoes, but especially the skin and stems of cocoyams. Their skin contained proteins. Even the leaves of the sweet potatoes have protein.

Yesterday, I had a chop plate of yam porridge. I only discard the brittle or wax part of the peel. The whole of the flesh including the inner skin goes into the pot with fried sardines, tilapia, mullets, greens, beans; green, red and yellow chili; and I round this up with some peanuts and a cup of black tea with added sugar and milk.

In this case, I think I need less of a supplement, for I get all the protein my body needs from more than two sources.

Try a variety of proteins like meat, fish, bird, legumes, nuts, greens and roots in combined forms. Chew them well and you are right in getting them well absorbed. 

To your good health!
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