Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

How To Prevent A Cold Part2

This is the second part of our story so far.

 Objective Facts About A Cold

The common cold can affect every person. Like some other ailment, it has not a cure.
 Drugs, vaccination and antibiotics that provide help and relief are not even recommended on health ground.

 International health institutions or bodies are yet to make a concession. In fact, those sources of help and relief from drug manufacturers has been report to  bring in serious issues like side effects and destroying friendly and beneficial bacterial in the human body, making the body less protective and subjecting it to vast invasion to many and various virus that are relatively unknown. 

The cold virus numbered into over two hundred.

 The immune, the digestive and the respiratory system will be work below capacity. When last did you complain of poor digestion?

Numerous study and research has shown that the number one step available for a person to get relief from fervent occurrence is to get a glass of a Lime or lemon juice.

 I do regularly keep limes in my fruit basket along with garlic and ginger. I take a dilute juice of this citrus fruit in the morning. It is the first thing I did to flush my digestive and respiratory system. 

Occasionally, I will prepare a dilute mixture of this with fresh ginger and pineapple juice plus wild honey. The good thing about this mixture is an energizing drink in the morning.

Nevertheless, thought every person can be affect, those with strong immunity always escape.

Signs of running nose, headache, cough, sneezing and fever, except high fever, usually follow a cold. 

The list of symptoms runs into hundreds as I said in part one. A mature adult should see doctor if body temperature is over 103F plus high fever and swollen glands. As for children, they should be immediately taken to the doctor. They immunity system is weak and are much sicker than adults.

A cold is not confirmed to one locality or country as it is a universal question. Researching the issue further, scientist now has gathered a better knowledge of it more than “any other virus and have powerful new tools to develop antiviral drugs.”

10 Best Holistic Steps That Prevent Cold

The below methods were traditionally recommended as a preventive measure:

·         Wash hands always in contact with infected persons and objects.
·         Stir clear of second hand smokes from cars, cigarettes and flames.
·         Cover nose and mouth with disposable tissues when coughing and sneezing.
·         Never share towels and eating utensils, especially with infected persons.

In addition to the above, here are my 10 holistic-methods that I used regularly:

·         Have a dilute glass of warm lemon or lime juice every morning three times in the week no matter what. Add crushed pineapple juice to enhance the value.
·         Have a pre-breakfast of alkaline based fresh fruits an hour or two before your main breakfast.
·         Always include green leafy vegetables in all your diets whether launch or super. Or have a launch or super of only green vegetables and fruits.
·         Regularly exercise the body at least three times in the week.
·         Acid forming foods cannot be entirely eliminated in any meal. But you should avoid excessive intake of those so that they is enough alkaline reserve in the blood stream.
·         Tone your skin at least 30-60 minutes in the morning sun.
·         Avoid convenience food much of the time. No one can do without them including me. These are de-vitamin and chemical additives added. These additives can upset the acid-base balance of the blood unless you know what to do.
·         Learn to relax mind and body and avoid tension.
·         Learn to sleep well and rest for 7 to 8 hours daily.
·         Adequate circulation of air should be encouraged at all premises.

 Who Can Get A Cold?

Those whose immune system is not strong can get a cold. These include both adults and children alike. But the later seem more prone to a cold virus. The older one gets, the immune system becomes stronger. That is why children are easy prey for a cold virus. Babes too are easily susceptible to cold attacks from nursing mothers and others who are infected if care is not taken. Nevertheless, elder citizens should take precautions to avoid being attacked by a cold virus. As one aged further, the immune system tends to become weak; and one get a cold virus as can be noted in a persistent cough.

As universally noted, it takes at least six to ten days for the symptoms to vanish. You do not have to see a Doctor or health worker for treatment. But if you experienced severe discomfort of any form of the symptoms, you can consult your doctor. The cold is a nose, throat and mouth infection. It is harmless but should not be taken lightly.

Have you experienced a cold infection? How frequent is this? What type of drugs do you take over the counter if any?

Can you relate how you feel during the attack? Did you cough, have a running nose or had sores on your tongue? More than a hundred symptoms can follow a cold attack. Did you get feverish and had a secondary attack like flu or catarrh?

Home-made or alternative remedies are available to alleviate the symptoms and clear the virus. No drugs can cure a cold

Foods That Triggers A Cold

A banana a day is said to keep the doctor away. 

This succulent tropical fruit with its sweet starchy flavor is very easy to digest and is easily acid forming in the body. It triggers mucous in the nasal system. 

The result is catarrh, flu and nasal discomfort. Soft sugary drinks can produce the same reaction in certain persons, particularly children. 

Our nasal duct required an alkaline medium in the blood stream to function well. That is why lime base fruits are good for our respiratory system.

A Wrong Diet

A wrong diet can get you a cold. For example, oath meals are nourishing, easily digested and energizing the body. But taking oath meals with white sugar, milk and cocoa beverage is an invitation to a cold virus intrusion into the human body. 

Do then we do away with oath meals? I for one would not give in to such a suggestion. 

I take oaths first as pre-breakfast after my jogging exercise. Oath meals are vital parts of our breakfasts because it is easily digested to release energy.  

Your oath meal should consists of an egg, some peanuts, a banana to provide sweetness without using white sugar and two fresh tomatoes cut into slice and few slice of onions. Cut slices of onions into the warm oath and mixed thoroughly. Put in some handful of roasted peanuts. 

Now sliced and put in the tomatoes. Peel a banana or two into this. It is now ready to eat and enjoy. Add a little milk if desire but not much. Too much milk will make the meal form mucous in the body which we are trying to avoid in this subject.

Emphasis should be placed on whole meal diet. Go for super carbohydrates, unpolished rice for example. It has all the B-complex intact and is good for your metabolic system. Avoid peeling your apples, mangoes, guavas, cucumbers and melons. 

Eat them with the skin. These have factors that build your immune system and strengthen your respiratory tracts. B-complex, vitamin C, A and D works in synergy. It builds the body to resists a cold. My oath meal has all these elements.

Citrus fruits

 Fruits in the citrus family-lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and grape fruits are the best fruits we need to keep our nasal tract in good health. Make a dilute mixture of these regularly. Adding a pineapple juice to a glass of lime juice is a plus.

 Fruit Breakfast that Resists A Cold Virus

You need this recipe below:

·         Semi-ripe pawpaw 150g.
·         Cucumber 70g.
·         Guava 100g.
·         Lime (5 pieces) 40g.
·         Wash and peel pawpaw.
·         Cut it into two half. Clear all the seeds in the belly or stoma.
·         Now cut pawpaw into smaller chewable chunks into eating bowl.
·         Beat lime to soften the rind and pores.
·         Wash and peel the limes.
·         Cut lime half-length or in a cross-section.
·         Squeeze the lime juice on the pawpaw.
·         Wash and cut cucumber into this bowl.
·         Do so with the guava.
·         Ready to eat. Serves 2 persons.

All these fruits are alkaline based. They have plenty vitamin C. This should be a pre-breakfast if you are easily susceptible to a cold instead of resorting to a drug. It clears your digestive tracts and renders your blood stream alkaline. It must be follow after an hour or two with a breakfast that consists of:
·         Pineapple 50g.
·         Fried fish (any type) 50g.
·         Semi-roasted peanuts 30g.
·         One cooked egg 30g.
·         Brown bread (home-made or from baker) 2 slice 30g. smear with butter or margarine.
·         A cup of warm black tea with some milk and a cube of sugar to taste.
·         Serves 1 person only.

Too much milk in the tea is not good as per this discourse.

 Home Made Herbal Remedy

You can make your herbal remedy at home if you ever had a cold. 

You can also make it to prevent a cold. 

I do regularly. 

You need some limes. Three to four pieces is enough for an adult. Lime obtained from organic gardens works best. 

Beat or pound the greenish skin of the limes against a hard object until the inside becomes a soft pulp. 

This will released most of the medicinal juice. Wash and peel them. Now, half fill a glass with warm water. In another glass, put in cold water half likewise. Cut the limes into two halves and squeeze their juice into the glass with cold water. 

The rinds should be soaked in the glass with warm water. Allow it to simmer for 10 minutes. This will extract the “bitters” in the lime rinds. Filtered this into the glass of dilute lime juice and add one tablespoonful of wild honey to the mixture. Or this will taste bitter.

It tastes bitter. But you can add a table spoonful of honey or pineapple juice to the mixture like I say. 

It is best to take this in the morning on rising when the stomach is empty. 

This cleansed your digestive system well in the first place and hence, your respiratory system. Take the last preparation in the evening an hour before supper. It acts very fast if you had a cold. This action will give you a better relief within 24 hours. You can continue taking this for two more days. Each does should be a fresh preparation.

Nevertheless, a habit of taking fresh lime or lemon juice or any other citrus fruits before a cold strikes should be encouraged. Squeeze lime or lemon juice into glass of cold or warm water. Gaggle a mouthful and spew it out. Drink the remainder. This works best in the morning.

Summarized Insight And Tips

·         A Cold is harmless but should not be regard as a small thing.
·         An external filterated virus or germ is usual the primary cause.
·         Secondary infection like flu can occur during a primary infection.
·         No medically certify treatment has been found and established for a cure.
·         A cold is borderless. It can strike any time during a cold or warm weather.
·         A dilute mixture of fruit juice lemon or lime taken early in the morning will prevent its occurrence.
·         Washing of hands and/disposal infected materials helps prevent its spray.
·         Symptoms of the attack are cough, sore throat, headache, sneezing and running nose. The list runs into an hundred.
·         You can contact your doctor if the symptom persists after more than a week because, a secondary factor may be involve.
·         Should you need a fluid due to dehydration, a dilute mixture of lemon and pineapple juice that is home-made is idea.
·         Have a handy bottle of this to sip when tasty.
·         Keep body and surrounding warm while indoors but allow good ventilation or circulation of air.
·         If your body temperature is over 103F see your doctor. Children should be immediately taken to see a GP because of their weak immunity system.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the incident of a cold is high and the cost is also on the high side. This health problem is similar in both developed and developing countries.
·         Always encouraged good ventilations in your premise.
·         Always eat foods in their natural states instead of proceed items. You gain much from the vitamin and mineral content.
·         Before the cold weather comes, turn your sitingroom or bedroom into a gymnasium. Exercise two or three times in the week. This is not demanding much and is worth your effort. Press ups and downs, the jumping jack and sit ups are exercises that you can do to tone your body muscles.
·         The importance of vitamin C ascorbic acid from lemon and lime fruits must not be overlooked here. Other sources of vitamin C are good. Lemons and limes give best results. So every morning if you care, take some lemon or lime juice for your good. You will not be affected even if you eat mucous forming foods at odd times.

·         Do away with any mucous forming foods if you had an attack; but safely indulge in them as the symptoms clears without risk to your health.

This article will be conclude in part 3.   

To your good health!

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