Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

How You Can Prevent A Cold Part 1
A Common Cold

It is both easy to get a cold and to prevent or avoid a cold. It all depends on the mindset or ignorance of the individual.

I say a cold is not the same thing and effect as cold water on your body. Cold water or air is refreshing to some limit.

A cold or the common cold as it is commonly known is a respiratory tract infection. So are its related ailment like flu and catarrh.

Is it real that a cold weather or condition can cause a cold? The answer is negative. One can reside in a cold polar like region and not get a cold. Persons like fishermen have defiled a very cold condition while going fishing. Think of sea-faring mariners! Business offices had air conditioners running to reduce the warm temperature. But how many staffers complained of contacting a cold issue? Is the chilly effect a cold? The chilly condition can still be reduced to a desirable minimum. A glass of warm (not hot) lime-pineapple juice can help alleviate the chilly feeling. Take a cup of warm black tea with added honey and lime or lemon juice instead. 

Rhinovirus Virus

Rhinovirus is the most common virus identify as causing a cold. There is no need to get alarm when a cold virus strikes. It can go away within a week or two just by resting and with or without applying any external remedy. You can mind to take a home-made remedy to alleviate the symptoms of attack if necessary. Nevertheless, you can prevent an attack with ease.

What I and you eat can cause a cold. Some food items like a banana plus milk is acid and mucous forming in the nasal passage. Alkaline foods that neutralized our blood stream should be a priority. 

These immunize the body to resists a virus attack. For example, foods in the citrus family-grape fruit, lime, lemon, orange and tangerine are highly alkaline forming in the blood stream. 

It immunized the body and builds it to resists a cold virus. Nearly all green leafy vegetables or greens cooked half in their raw states can protect the body against a cold attack. This is due to their vitamin C content and citric acids to a limited extend. Lime fruits or lime fruit juice prove the best here due to their high quality of vitamin C and citric acid.

Common Cold Research

In 1946, a Common Cold Research unit solicits for volunteers in other to undertake a research into the cause of a cold. Its aim is to reduce human and economic cost to treating a cold.

The research unit was Harvard Hospital Harham Down, Britain.

Thirty volunteers were initially accepted for this test. Cultured cold virus is isolated to infect the volunteers, who were in groups of twos and threes. Permission for a walk or sight-seeing is allowed only in the countryside, but not to residential areas as a control measure.

At this time, the human coronavirus virus was first isolated from the volunteers. This research unit is closed long ago.

More Research with Humans and Animals: The Fort Bank Research Reference

Some fifty years later, another research to find out the cause of a cold was done at Fort Banks, Massaschusetts. Ten young, healthy and strong army volunteers were the subject of the study. A control was made that the soldiers be isolated for some days to guarantee that they are in sound and excellent health and that no cold symptoms and issues were detected on them.

Then, a cold virus of an infected person was isolated and each soldier received a spray of the isolated virus in their nasal passage. Within a time period of “thirty hours”, nine out of the ten volunteers were infected by the virus and develop a cold symptom. 

This shows that a cold is a foreign intruder into the human body. In this case, it was introduced into our ten friends. This unfriendly visitor is bent on doing some harm to the respiratory system and the body. Likewise, they are friendly virus in the respiratory system that protected the body against unwanted visitors by immunity. 

It is the reaction of the positive against the negative that produced the cold symptoms like nasal discharge, cough and watery eyes. It is through this medium that the virus and its effect get out of the body and infect persons, places and things.

The result of this research was received with some reservation; but continued to apply on animal, 

especially chimpanzees. Chimpanzees seem to be susceptible to the cold virus also. Test with the chimpanzees was done with the same methods as the ten army volunteers. But the chimps were given “repeated” dosage of a “cultured virus” that was made in the laboratory. 

This virus was in the first place, taken from infected humans. Both research with humans and the chimps soon becomes a pointer to much deeper human experiment. From these study,

·         All stages of a cold and its complication easily identified.
·         The duration and degree of immunity was noted.

Few conclusions were obtained from the research:

·         A specific virus is responsible for a cold.
·         The virus can be obtained by filtering the nasal discharge of infected persons.
·         A culture of this virus can be made in the laboratory and store for years.

·        Carriers of the virus are not commonly infected; those who are infected can still carry the virus.

Further Research: The Birmingham Experiment

This research was carried out with two groups of school children under the control of medical personnel. 

The first group “A” received natural foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and D with some milk add to the diet. 

The other group “B” in the same school is the control in which the daily meal was normally given. At the end of one year, the vast difference was clearly noticed. Children in group A did well with their school works, improved in good health and had only ¼ of the cold symptoms than group B.


Knowledge is always evolving. Published researches are still being subjected to more research. It is from this circle of evolution that the latest updates can be much meaningful for our guide.


Available statistics shows that the cold virus drained human and financial resources. Briefly, children get a cold 6-10 times in a year. As a result, 22 million school days were lost in a year Adults has 2-3 colds. Some get up to 5 or more, and some none at all.

 The economic impact is reducing work in the sufferers for at least a week depending on the severity of the condition. School children and students lost study time and class-work .The United States or any other country can be a good global pointer here.

No person is immune from it. It affected both the young and old, especially younger persons. The degree of infection differs also with age. The older you are, the more immune you are to it. In spite of it, young person can take steps to secure their immune system against the virus. This is done by applying the rules in this article: “10 Steps to Prevent a Cold.”

More so, my objective reason for writing this article is this: I am very keen, interested and passionate about diet, health and nutrition. Also, I had experienced some issues that related to this topic twenty years ago that I had brought under control even in my children without resort to drugs or as drugs failed. 

Exception is my wife who depends on orthodox treatment, but still has a persistent cold from time to time which has not affected me and the five children. Okay, this year, I just experienced one cold issue with my wife but not the children. It seems I identify with her when she taken in again. I prepared a home-made citrus remedy for the whole family and that settled it.

Every person has his/her mind to speak and I am not an exception to that which I realize I have the experience. 

I am not a certification in diet and nutrition. Neither I am certify in herbal medicine or healing. But knowledge, experience and expertise can be without bounder nowadays. I can put my thoughts to a person or the internet. In this later case, a global sharing experience is established. Comments and feedback on this article serve as a “learn more” learning resource for me and others. I hope this study, research, findings, inference and practical test and conclusion will be useful for further study. This is my reason for writing this story. I take it that the reader will find one or two useful tool here for application.

Happy reading!

Causes Of A Cold

A filterated virusA cold is cause by an unfriendly filterated virus in the nasal passage or upper respiratory tract-the mouth, nose and throat.

The results are a cough, sores on the tongue, nasal discomfort or discharge, a feeling of ill health or fever and watery eyes. A long list on the draw board runs into hundred. It can last from six to ten days and disappeared without using any drugs or remedy. On the onset of a cold, take a cold remedy made up of a mixture of the five citrus fruits. See below. But it should not be taken lightly. Attention should be paid more to the cause rather than the effect.

Poor diet or nutrition: A cold is also caused by a diet poor in nutrition. A diet that lacks fresh fruits and vegetables stands a good chance for you to get a cold. So you should include fresh fruits and vegetables always in your diet. Fresh herbs and spices like green cayenne pepper (capsicum) or green chili but not bell pepper, garlic, ginger and onions are recommended. These act in perfect synergy. Be always generous with them, but limit fresh ginger to a desired taste. Raw ginger can be very peppery. The rule of the tomb is “Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.”

Fresh fruits-lemon and lime are excellent. A dilute juice of lime fruit obtained from organic gardens or in the wild form is very good. Unlike the cultivated types that are full of watery saps but poor in medicinal or nutritional effects, the wild or organic cultivars will get to the root of the issue in quick time. It will build and strengthen your body and immune system against a cold virus. 

Adding a pineapple juice to the mixture is a plus. Taken regularly over a period of six months, even if you do not have a cold attack, the likelihood that a cold virus should invade your body is negligible. The body will resist and throw off the virus in quick time. Fresh orange juices likewise from organic gardens should be taken and give to children.

Stress and tension: stress can trigger a cold virus like catarrh and running nose. This is true in the carrier of the virus. Stress is when the mind and body is not in harmony with each other and with nature. Perhaps, you are going a little too far in an issue or two. Your mind reacts against your body and your body against your mind. This can trigger the cold virus in a carrier. If you are overworking, take time to have plenty of fun too. Go as a butterfly to relax the mind and body; and you release all tensions that will trigger a cold virus.

Lack of regular exercise: A strong healthy body easily resists a cold virus. Jogging and swimming are good outdoor exercises. Did you get a cough while jogging and swimming in the early morning? The answer is no. Swimming brings out all the bodily muscles to vital play that builds the body. So is jogging. I am a fisherman by nature and I regularly swim in the open waters while on a fishing expenditure. At odd times, I do take pleasure and delight in soaking my mind and body in the cold waters of the morning or evening for health sake. I swim. When the cold weather comes on, I jog building my leg muscles and other parts of my body.
Aerobic exercise like the jumping jack, press ups and downs, the squat and mountain climbing can be done either in the living or sitting room, and making the body a negative avenue for a cold virus.

Imbalance In Fresh Fruits Consumption: By this I mean eating fresh fruits and some root vegetables without their skins. The skin of fruits and vegetables help in bowel movement. Mangoes, melons, cucumbers and apples; and fresh potatoes for example, should be eaten with their skins. These fresh items contain more (75%) vitamin C in their skins than the juicy succulent flesh. The flesh is starch and sugar. You get most of the vitamin and minerals in the skin. More to be taken note of is their antioxidants.

The story will continue in part two.

To your good health!

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