Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Raw foods that does The body Good Health

When it comes to foods, the thinking with most people or in most circles is only for eating and the release of energy for the body activities.

I once heard a fellow elderly citizen said something along these lines. There is truth in that, but is it the whole truth?

Hardly is it though that the foods we eat can work as an antidote to some ailments.

Food is much more for eating and for the release of energy. It can work as a medicine for the relief of certain ailments. For example, the so called diabetes can be relief by eating sufficient fish protein foods along with semi-ripe mango. Or a combined meal of fish, peanuts and mango. Yes, food is an antidote for the human body.

Foods apart from its many health sustaining benefits that works the various parts of the body for growth in the younger ones for example, is a medicine, a restorer and a plus for good health and life.

Foods can restore beauty to the external body. The foods one eat particularly fats, proteins, roots, nuts, fruits and vegetables, greens and non-leafy greens has beautifying powers for the external body.

Eating fresh foods for example fruits and vegetables can eliminate some body rashes or skin diseases like pimples and acne.

This can be due to its detoxing effects of the fresh foods for example fresh fruits and vegetables like lines, lemons and cucumbers.

The result for the lack of food is hunger, and hunger when not taken care off can lead to death.

So here you are. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. It is said you need 13 servings a day for this purpose.

You can divide this 13 servings into four portions, breakfast, snack, lunch and super and you are done.

It is a small matter but it is very serious to take.

Many ailments can be taken care of just by eating foods in the right balance. 

Fruits for instance are so powerful that if these were regularly eating in the right proportions, many diseases like high blood pressure, overweight issues, skin issues, colds and flu; cancer, diabetes mellitus, and so on is effectively control.

Take lime fruits as an example. These contain folate and calcium in the right proportions. It is very good for expectant mothers and women in the pre- menopause age.

Given time, the body responds well to its many benefits. Although this may not at times cure the issue, it can help in decreasing it to a lesser degree of pain and suffering.

I can relate well here that just to taste how powerful nature’s foods are apart from the so called processed or convenient foods, I turned myself into a guinea pig for just three months.

For this good three months, I do not touch any processed foods. I go for only complex carbohydrates, unrefined vegetable oils, fresh leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, from organic gardens; fresh fish which I personally catch in the sea, grass fed meats.

Nevertheless, I include 100% real fruit juice. These are still available in most good stores. They prices seem fair for all depending on the size of the products: small, medium or large.

The much larger sizes are princely.

I then learn a lesson to depend sole on these types of food supply.

There is this story in the Bible of some Prince demanding from the King's ministers only vegetables to eat and water to drink. At the end of the 10th day which is for life or death as set and agreed, the Princes got much healthier and fairer! Bible Daniel Chapter1 verse 8 to 16.

I think it as a Shame to their masters!

Walking the way of raw food is health indeed. They do not add toxin to the body, instead they eliminate all the toxins that accumulate in the body  from overcooked vegetables and cereal, seeds, roots, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Otherwise, these youths would not look better only on the outside. 

They got better first in the inside. Then the results show on the outside.

Generally, our bodies can respond to a certain degree of restoration when it is subjected to the power of nature. 

Depending on how long we have abused it, takes time and that is all.

It has even been abused by western medicine, processed foods and mind set.

Now, we all own it a duty to bring it under the power of natural foods always.

 This is a divine order.

Enjoy, and to your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) 2015.

cucumber, africa egg plant (garden eggs), lime, pawpaw,gauva

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Soups For Promoting Good Health Part2

Soups are so delicious that even kids and toddlers enjoy same.

Provide you enriched it with their favorite vegetables plus fish or meat or both as we noted in part1.

I remember my nine months old babe watching me enjoying my plate of chop soup, a yam pepper soup, sauced with basil leaves and sardines.

I offer only a watery liquid as a gift to her. She opened her mouth and took same. It delights her to ask for more. Again, I gave less than half a teaspoonful of the soup. The peppery spice hit her mind and I gave some water.

Till then, she had been taking here a little and there a little.

This is how we should all introduced our little ones to whatever we eat; instead of breastfeeding them over a year or two, then introducing solid foods to them.

This can have an adverse effect like allergy on them.

Now, I have a five year old girl too. She likes soups all the while. Give her a soup to eat with rice or yam, and if you do not mind, she will used up the soup, instead of finishing it with the chop of rice.

This is also my weakness when it comes to eating yam or plantain pepper soup meals.

I will devour the soup first with the onions and basil leaves before anything else. In fact, the whole plate of soup will go down my throat and I will ask for a second helping. It is with this that I go with the yam or plantain.

A warm plate of pepper soup can be cherished by adding half a teaspoonful of dried ginger powder. 

This is a booster to stimulate the digestive, excretory, respiratory and immune systems.

Vegetable Soups

Soups and there sources differ all over the world.

Some soups are made with only vegetables. I mean these were cooked without any fish, or sea food, or meat. In other words, no animal products ever enter the pot.

Legumes, like beans are the main ingredients. Pepper, spices, oils, leafy greens are add. At most three or four kinds of bean in place of fish or meat is required. The various beans complement one another to give a protein of first class status. Otherwise, disease is the result.

Soups InVarious Regions Of The World

When it comes to regions of the world, many varieties of soups can contain differing ingredients. The puree or thickness even differs. Seeds, nuts, fruits, and sometimes butter, milk, wine, and eggs are included. Some soups contain carrots, coconuts, cucumbers, water melon or sweet melon. You never can tell how soups go with many harvest of nature.

Mushrooms are many favorite in these type of varieties.

Canned Soups

For convenient sake, some popular soups were canned for export and domestic consumption in the exporting countries. These are sold all over the world. The prices are fair. One just opened a can and warmed it in a pot; or you warm it in a micro oven and enjoy.

With some, you can add any fresh ingredient like milk, fish, meat, or anything that fancy your preferences.

Soups are very popular meals everywhere. It connotes health.

Did you know that the word soup is the same as restaurant? It comes from the French word soupe, which originates from the latin word suppra.

It means restoring something. It refers to a concentrate that is an antitode to bodily exhaustion.

In the 16th century when fruit juices were getting on stream, soups had already made vital marks. 

They were being marketed and seems more popular and cheaper than juices to get anywhere. They energized the body more than lemonades, which are the first bottled juices and is costly, being first imported from the Middle East.

Orange juices came late, where soup already is king.

Jean Baptiste, a French nobleman who flees from the French Revolution to Boston (USA) is credit to opening a restaurant and named it “The Restorator.”

He thus became famous with the title “The Prince of Soup.”

A plate of soup is a good energy and health restorer.

To your good health!

A Plate Of Chicken Soup Made With Ground Melon Seeds

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015

Friday, 14 August 2015

Soups For Promoting Good Health Part1
A soup is any thin or thick liquid made with fish, meat, green leafy vegetables, herbs, spices, and with carbohydrates. Some soups have fresh tomato paste as its carb part. I cherish this with fresh or dried sardines.

The carbs provide the thick consistency in nearly most pots of soups. These can be any carbs from root vegetables-yams, cocoyams, potatos; seeds and pods like melon and okra.

Some even contained peanuts as a thick consistency. I like this as a soup stew to eat yams and plantains. It provided me with the much energy I ever need.

A soup is essentially a meal. It can be taken alone or enjoyed over a plate of rice or yam.

Soups contain all the food group listed-carbs, fats and oils, proteins, greens, herbs and spices. A soup is completed in itself as a meal. It needs no supplements. But it is nearly and always followed with a carb or a glass of wine or any drink.

As such, it contained all the factors that our body need for nourishment. That is why it should be prepared with much care.

Soups provide energy plus all that the body need for growing, and repair of worn out and repair of damaged tissues, cells and muscles.

A plate of nice delicious and nutritious soup is like a dope of medicine and can subdue fever, cough, cold or flu and hemorrhold or anal bleeding and can elevated good health.

Pepper Soups

As a boy and a young man, I regularly prepared green leafy pepper soup daily with dried fish. The greens usually come from basil or pumpkins. I do not take it with any meals because I just want to enjoy nature’s greens, vitality my body and contained my weigh.

You see any green leafy vegetable is very low in carbs. These will never make you put on a pond of weight.

Okay, let’s get to review a plate or two of soup.

A pepper soup is usually a thin broth. It can contain fish or meat, or both plus herbs and spices. Some adds a little green like mint, basil or any of their favorite greens.

The type of pepper you one wants depends on a factor or two.

Either, you want to savor it just like any ordinary meal. Or you want it as a dope to treat an ill-health.

Have you had an attack of a fever or cold? I do as a boy. Did grandmother recommend a soup when medication failed in time to relief you of the flu? Old wives remedies, via a plate of soup always work to gain back good health here.

I remember this as a boy of 11 years. I had a bout of high fever. Although I had my prescription from a good pharmacy, it failed or I’d say it needs a booster. The old women advise a warm plate of basil soup. I took the remedy and got better. This has since become a part of my kitchen pots. Whether I am sick or not, and I hardly get sick these days, I made a plate of basil soup for me, and if my family wants a share, all the best to them.

Let me say something here. I am a good jogger. I jog to keep fit. On my returns, guest what I had? A wonderful plate of basil pepper soup with sardines over oiled plantain. I use over two cups of the green here. Such a nice stuff for health promotion.

This plate is the main meal. But a fresh orange or two plus a stalk of sugar cane is for refreshment before the meal some thirty minutes later. You see I take a serious step here to replace my lost energy with the orange and sugar cane.

The rule is that energy lost is to be replaced in time.

Thick Soups

Again, if you are not in any wise sick, you can still enjoy a delicious plate of soup. I like it much with fish and meat.

 In Africa, they are many ethnic groups that cherish soups with a plate of carbohydrate meal.

Ground cassava or guinea corn made with boiling water is such a meal. Some use it with pound yams or plantain. In the case of the guinea corn, the grounded flour is cooked in a pot for over 10 to 15 minutes and this is eaten with the soup. It provided the much energy need for muscular work than a plate of rice meal with stew as a lunch or supper.

I like my thick soups with dried mullets, sardines and fresh cow meat. On certain occasions, I’d like to add some stock fish, especially a share or half a part of the head. The thicken ingredient here can be grounded melon seeds. This made the soup taste much better and nicer. Greens can come in any form with the exception of basil leaves because it does not impact any flavor in thick soup.
In a broth like this, okra or any other carb ingredient to thick the soup can replace melons.

Tilapia Kitchen

Tilapia spices were very common in making pepper soups. The thin types have a lot of soft bones and these provide health benefit for the human bones. These are easily chewed and are absorbed into the blood stream.

Tilapia is an excellent fish that develops and build a strong sturdy body like any other fish. The red variety has thickness of flesh more than the dark types. The red it seems has less bone than the black spices. Or their bones seem to be compact that it did not give any hassle during a meal. One can easily pick the flesh out.

Tilapia is mostly cooked with fresh red tomatoes, fresh chili pepper and basil leaves and eaten over a plate of rice.

In my place, small bars or public eating places made the soup for sale to hungry customers. The price depending on the variety can be princely. It was a joy over wine.

Tilapia is found mostly in African, Asia and the Biblical lands or Israel.

A plate of soup a day is dope of good health benefit for all your body system.

To Your good health!

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Eating Healthy Foods For Health Benefits
Eating healthy foods for health benefits is a birth right.

Eating the healthiest foods is much more, the better.

Some foods have a higher food value than others. This ensures that optimum health benefit is got from such foods.

Let’s compare a single item. Good and bad carbohydrates or brown and white sugar, which should you prefer? I pick the brown stuff because naturally, it has all the nutrients, vitamin and minerals intact. You cannot say this of the white varieties. It can best be described as a shadow or poison.


Off all the food groups, fruits should come first in purchasing food stuffs, in preparing the food and in eating the meal.

One needs to munch a fruit or two before the breakfast or lunch menu. I would not ask you to take a juice here except, it were a pre-breakfast. In this case, lime or lemon juice in a glass of warm water is the best, and nothing else or just a plain glass of cold water.

Fruits when eaten before any meal open up the digestive system. It prepared it for the other food groups, carbs, fats and oils, and proteins to be properly digested. This is due to its vitamins and mineral matters in the form of antioxidants.

You see, fruits are usually eaten fresh and raw.

I do not know what fruits are usually cooked for or before eating. To do so is attempting a foolish thing. There may be instances where certain unripe fruit like a mango is cooked and keep to ripe. This is as good as a white sugar.

Cooking fruits will destroy all its vitamin C, B-complex, especially, those soluble in water.
Fresh and raw fruits preserve all its goodness.

Munch a cup of an apple or blueberries, or suck an orange before a meal-breakfast, lunch or supper.
Some other healthy fruits that you can enjoy: bananas, mango, pears, kiwi, plum, etc.


Vegetables especially, green leafy vegetables should always be included in any meal. Two or three tablespoonful of the stuff has its health benefit. This will greatly stimulate the floral in the digestive tracts.

When I was in my mid-twenty I usual add some greens I can get hold of to all my meals day and night. I do not fail to do that daily even if it were a piece of pumpkin leave.

I put on healthy flesh and nearly get over weight. You see the fruits and vegetable combination greatly stimulate bacterial actions in my digestive tracts for digesting the carbs, fats and oils and the proteins.

Include in your breakfast other vegetables like onions, garlic, leeks (this three a must) and half cooked; fresh red tomatoes also half cooked.

Others that you can use are brussel sprouts, cabbage, lectuce, etc.


Here comes the carbs. the energy foods. These goes easy with fruits and veggies due to partial likeness, water soluble.

In the vegetable kingdom, like equally attracts like. This is a healthy combination or union.

Brown or semi-polish rice is my favorite. It has natures B1 vitamin and magnesium that is good for the blood. It keeps the blood strong and healthy.

Oat meals are so good for breakfast.  They fibers called beta glucans keeps the heart healthy.

Brown bread is good carbs. One of the best is Ezekiel’s bread. It’s a previous stuff from the creator of the heaven and earth.

You see, God wants all people to enjoy good health regardless of your religious background.

Homemade bread seems to be healthier than that bought in the stores and bakeries.

Sugar cane is a carb and a stalk. Its sweet sugary taste benefits the muscles, nerves and brains. Chewing the cane develop the teeth and gum muscles, and the skull bone.

Other good carbs in natural form you can think of are yams, cocoyam, potatos  in their varieties.

Legumes or beans are also carbs and contains some amount of protein and oils. Green bean, which is the unripe form of the common white bean is full of nutrients when cooked half done 10 to 15 minutes.

Soya bean, kidney bean and black-eyed bean and others are good.

Maize (corn) eaten with pear is excellent health benefit.

Nuts and seeds are carbs but like bean has oils and proteins if eaten with any beans benefits one healthy. These contain many vitamin and antioxidants. Nuts have twice the energy value of a carb.


The best that I can think of is palm oil, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. All these contain monosaturates that keeps the heart healthy and wards of stroke and heart disease.

I think I should now cross over to the animal kingdom.

Fish or Seafood And Lean Meat

First, fish or sea-foods is our source of our high protein foods. Here we have sardines, mullets, tilapias, tuna and salmon, shrimp and cod. These are all oily fish. Fish is noted for its high content of iodine and vitamin D than any other animal.

Second is meat. Lean meat or fat meat is good. Meat from birds like turkey and fowl contains both fats and proteins. Those that are naturally fed tastes best and healthier.

Milk and eggs is best to eat together along with some handful of peanuts. There is a synergy within these food range that benefit one healthy with the addition of a fruit.

Butter and cheese is always delicious and full of nutrients. You can eat these with any carb as desire, especially bread, rice and yam.

To get all the most out of the healthiest foods that befits good health, one must try as much as possible to eat any food in its natural states.

Take fresh potatoes as an example. If you eat it without the skin, you lost all the nutrients. The inner flesh is only a carb. Or starch. All the vitamin and photo nutrients or antioxidants are concentrated only in the skin of the potato. The same apply to yams and cocoyams and any other root vegetables. I usually scrub of the brittle wax-like layers with a hard sponge or knife. The rests goes in my pot of chop.

Cocoyams has proteins plus in its green stalk. You get good value for buying this stuff.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.

Friday, 7 August 2015

10 Best Foods To Eat Throughout The Season That Promotes Good Health

 Introduction: Food is an important factor in the well being and nourishment of humans and lesser animals. 
Even our natural vegetation including food plants that produce foods for us need foods in the form of natural organic materials like oxygen and nitrogen; minerals, for example iron, sodium and calcium. 

Without foods, and well prepared foods, our bodies will not get the necessary nourishment for growth, repair and good health. 

Even plants growth and production will be stunt and poor. It becomes of us to get the best we can from foods. 

They are many and hundreds of food items that serves a useful and healthy purpose. But I want to state only ten that will serve  very useful here.

The Best 10 Foods To Eat

The best 10 foods to eat include eggs, lean and fatty meats, oily fishes, nuts and seeds; vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, vegetable fat and omega -3 fortified foods. All these most be sourced from organic gardens or farms. You can easily get them from good health food stores. Read label well that you are getting the best for your money.
Markets where these items are sold can be easily located everywhere. The good thing about this is that you can even buy them online!

Here are the lists of the best ten foods. 

Happy reading!

1.      Fish Products

Fish is the very best source of protein food for human beings. It should be a primary foodstuff in all our diet all seasons. Sardines, mullets, tuna, tilapia nilotica and many other oily fishes are more to be desire at all time. 

These provide additional heat from their oils. Additional benefits are that these oily fishes contained the essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acid. They help maintain a good and healthy heart. Get the best you can from fresh, frozen or dried sources. 

Shrimps, oysters, lobsters and clams etc are important in the diet Another good thing to notice is that fish contain many excellent first class proteins or amino acids. They are complete in themselves and need no supplements. That is why fish is a regular food in many third world countries. 

Westerners eat more meat than fish and this has somewhat contributed to the obese question. The result is also high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, cancer,stroke and heart attack. 

Why do the French in Europe; and the Japanese include too much fish and marine products in their meals? You can eat fish or fish source every day with very little health challenge. Persons who eat fish regularly for example as in the mediterranean diet or the Japanese enjoy good health and lives long.

2.      Eggs

 Eggs are as good as fishes. The protein in egg is more complete than any other source of protein. 

Protein is life and sustains life. Life comes from eggs. So eggs need to be eaten on a regular basis. Egg protein has all the essential amino acid or building blocks that the body need for growth, repair and replacement of the wear and tear of the body. An egg three times in the week is okay. But daily intake of this good stuff can lead to serious ill-health according to some authority. 

Recently, due to another research, daily ingestion of an egg is being suggested. But much is still to be learn from this latest research. Eggs provide more health benefits of containing essential minerals and by most, the anti oxidant necessary for eye health and vision. 

When eggs are mentioned, majority only think of poultry products and birds. Little is said of fish eggs. Female fish produce eggs that ranked with birds eggs. The cooked or fried product tastes unpleasant to some persons. But eggs of dried fishes taste chummy and agreeable. Next time you buy dried Tilapia check the belly for some eggs and you will be glad you did for your good health. 

Many a person fear to eat eggs. The fat in the egg is the issue. Majority think it contains many bad insoluble fats, that leads to hardening of the artery walls, and consequently leading to heart diseases. This norm has now been discredited. It is now proved that the fat in eggs has essential fatty acids that is crucial for the heart health. I eat eggs regularly and have not experienced any heart related illness for over thirty years.

3.      Beans:

Bean provides vegetable protein. Beans also contain plenty of fibres, mineral and photochemical and unsaturated fatty acid. The protein in certain beans like soya, black bean and edemame can be as good as an egg but lacks few essential amino acid. In other words, the protein in beans is not a complete protein. 

If soya beans and kidney beans is combined, you can combine up to four differing beans to get all the essential amino acid found in an egg protein for a good diet. 

Beans are good to be eaten daily, or you can eat beans two or three times in the week. The Glycemic Index of all beans is low, and this made it an idea diet for heart health, diabetes mellitus and other heart challenges. Bean is known to produce gas in the belly. But bean is not an exception. Many people who do not eat this food are known to produce gas too. Meat and milk produce gas, and the letter is worst.

 If you use garlic regularly as a cooking ingredient, it will neutralize this action. Again, cooking the bean over night ensures that will work well with the intestinal bacterial to eliminate the release of gas in the belly.

4.    Oils

Oils are essential for cooking, for dressing meals and frying. It will give you two times the energy in a protein or carbohydrate. So oils provide extra body energy or heat. “Extra” virgin olive oil is gotten from the very first press of the olive fruit or vine. You can eat it without cooking in your salads or other meals. It is very rich in vitamin, mineral and photochemical. It tends to be costly than other olive oil brands. 

Coconut oil is another good oil source to consider. Its high mono-saturated chains make it idea oil for cooking or frying.  

Palm oil provides beta carotene for eye health. Oils from natural organic soils or plantations should be prefer to industrial or inorganic productions. 

Fish oils from cod and other marine products line sardines, mullets, tilapia, shrimp and oysters are good.
5.    Fats

Fats are nowadays a challenging question in many minds. What is the best source of fats? Like vegetable oils, it is noted that some hundred years ago, fats do not pose any issue to human diets until the advert of vegetable oils. 

What is the best source of fats than? Should vegetable fats be preferred to animal fats? Many are asking these questions because one way or another, they have been mislead by advertisement and are at a cross road. 

Natural organic fats from animals promote good and heart health. Animal fats include red meat, egg yolk, milk fat and butter. Animal fat like red meat is safe to eat regularly. 

Avocado is the best source of vegetable fats. Its fat is comparable to olive oil. 

Animals that are grazed on fresh green grass tastes better than those feed with grains or the by-products of the cereal industries. 

If you doubt this, compared the yolk from two poultry eggs from domestic and industrial source. The red in the domestic egg is much richer in nutrient content and is better filling including the white than the industrialized farms. 

This is because during the milling processes, the nutrients in the grains removed for other commercial use. Then the by-products fortified with chemical products, not fit for human consumption.

6.    Nuts

A nut is not the same thing as a seed. Many nuts like peanut, walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts are good foods and to be enjoy much of the season. 
Recently, I received a mail in my inbox few days ago from webmed. It recommended a handful of peanuts, 24 almonds, 7 walnuts and 18 pieces of cashew nuts as enough for a man. 

But if you think otherwise, a half cup of peanut as I preferred because I am a very action in jogging, aerobic exercise and swimming.

7.    Citrus Fruits

All types of fruits are good. But pay special attention to citrus fruits this or all season. Lime, lemon, grape fruit, tangerine and oranges. 

This is easy to understand because these fruits have been proved to contain chemicals that that protects the health and boost the digestive, respiratory and immune systems. 

A glass of warm lime or lemon juice in the morning before anything else is both a digestive and a cold remedy. Its plus side is that it strengthened both the respiratory and immune systems. You can add a little powder ginger root to a glass of lime juice to enhanced its effect.

8.    Vegetables

All greens or green leafy vegetables from organic gardens free of chemicals so they do not trigger a cold virus. Enjoy your favorites. Use them in stews, soup and salads. Greens like basil, sage, mint, pumpkin leaves and even the leaves of the sweet potatoes, cassava, coco yam and its system are good leafy green sources.

9.    Seeds

 Enjoy pumpkin seeds. Flaxed seeds likewise.  These like nuts provide some oils that nourished the body into good health. 

Get the ones from organic gardens. 

These seeds provide polyunsaturated fats that promoted a healthy heart, good blood vessels and arteries.

10.  Omega Fortified Foods 

Omega-3 fortified foods in the form of breads and other products are now available in most good health food stores. 

It is a food supplements. 

In the webmedicine news letter to me, it was suggested. In spite of the many and various foods we eat daily, we still have to supplement them with this stuff. I do not know why this is so, but suffice to say that majority of us will not get enough omega -3 and -6 in combined quantity and quality in our chop plates. 

I am a fisher. Sardines and mullets are two of my favorite catches. I always sundry my catches and extract the oils; so I and my family do not fall short of this challenge. At times, I even baked my “Ezekiel” bread.

Preparing Your Meal

How you prepare your meal is up to you. 

Many recipes are available online for the type of diet you badly want for breakfast, lunch or supper. 

You can use your imagination to prepare your fancy chop plate, provide it is nutritious and taste great. 

Mix your protein, for example eggs, fish, lean meat and beans with a glass of milk or tea. This gives you four different protein sources. 

The same rule applies to fats, nuts, fruits and seeds, etc. Have you tried a mixture of virgin olive oil and peanut oil in any of your meals or dressing of vegetables? I do regularly and I enjoy the health benefit.

Physical Activities

With all these said on food and nutrition, what good can our meals do if we are not physical active? 

Exercise is an excellent aid in food digestion.

Do your aerobic exercises as you scheduled. Do them indoors this time because the room temperature will be somehow warmer than the outside. This will keep your muscles in better sharp.

Other aerobic exercises like jogging are best doing outside including games. Jog for at least half to one mile. Jog briskly. It will tone up and sharp your leg muscles especially. This will in addition condition all your body muscles.

I will not suggest swimming here because the water gets very chillier than the outside temperature. Even if the swimming pool is slightly heated, on getting out you will get chilled again, and this is bad.

To your good health any (chilly) season!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Better Sleep To Fuel Your Body
If when you wake up from sleep and feel tired, lethargy, and need more sleep, it is clear that you are not well rested.

It can be a sign of sleep deprivation, and of course, this is a sign that you may have trouble falling asleep.

How many hours of sleep a man needs can be a matter of personal preference. They are two types of sleep. Rapid eye movement or Rem sleep and Non-rapid eye movement or Nrem. This article concern only rapid eye movement sleep.

What Is Sleep

It is hard to define and explain what sleep is. Sleep is a mystery. As the function of sleep is not even understood, so sleep is in itself.

If you lay on a bed and stop snoring off to rest just for an hour during day time, is that sleep? It takes more than that to get a good quality sleep.

Does it mean the remaining 1/3 of our life span that occupy our time during the night? When you lay down and the mind and body shut off, your brain seems to be very active as if you are engages in a muscular or intellectual task  This is to prepare the body for the next level of activity on the same day and even the next.

Okay, Wikipedia says that as regard to the human, it “is a natural occurring state characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, and inhibitions nearly all voluntary muscles.”

In other words, sleep that can be induced naturally, apart from the feeling to day time sleeping needs, whereby one lost some degree of consciousness while asleep cannot be said to be a sleep.

Day time or night time sleep will occur naturally.

When next you wake up from sleep, ask your-self these few questions:

·         Am I well rested?

·         Am I refreshed?

      Am I energetic ?              
·        And are you well alert and energetic, and can pick up yourself on the go without any drug related beverages like coffee, tea and commercial made fruit juicy?

Your answer to the question ensures the degree and quality of your sleep.

Sleep Misconceptions

I referenced this topic by referring to concrete institution. Hence the information therein is subjected to further research as the subject of sleep is still an ongoing study. Both sleep scientists and researchers are still puzzle about what sleep is and its many problems. Very little is understood about the subject matter

1.   Misconception Number1

“Sleep is the time for the body in general and the brain specifically to shut down and rest.

This misconception is easily debunk because in the main sleep concept, the rapid eye movement sleep or REM sleep, the brain seems to be very active “as any time” when one is not sleeping.

2.  Misconception Number 2:

 “Getting just one hour less sleep per night than needed will not have any effect on day time functioning.”
In a 24 hour life cycle, your normal sleep time is 8 hours. Losing one hour regularly per day would in a week means you had lose 7 hours of sleep. This 7 hours of sleep according to sleep experts is a “sleep debt.”

The more the sleep debt or sleep deficit increase daily and over time, the more problem sleepiness increased over night. This can have a “powerful effect on day time performance, thinking, and mood.”

3.     Misconception Number 3 

“The body adjusts quickly to different sleep schedules.”

Suppose you are on a night shift and sleep 10 hours in the day time. Do you think you do not have to sleep again when you go to work in the night on the same day?

In other words, if you try to change your biological sleep/wake cycle, it will still function according to normal day/night schedules.

The biological clock holds that a person will function best during the night when sleeping; and active in the day time.

If this were to change, the biological clock must be retrained.

4.    Misconception Number 4 

“People need less sleep as they grow older.”

The more a person grows older, the less sleep it was though that is need. No, older persons do not need less sleep, but usually get less of all the sleep need to fuel the body to function well.

The ability or desire to get good sleep can decrease with age.

5.      Misconception Number 5 

A “good night sleep” can cure problems with excessive daytime sleepiness. Excessive day time sleepiness is a sleep disorder like insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Extended sleep is not a cure for other sleep disorders and sch sleep issues. It required changes in behavior. Pharmacological and even surgical interventions to relief the symptoms it has been asserted.

Normally, only doctors, health workers and other qualified sleep experts can write on such a subject.

But what about a person who has gone through a sleep issue and manage it well? Does he/she qualify to write on his/her experience and share the story?

Many persons can welcome such a story more than a doctors. That is why I write this article. Because like all human beings, I have a first-hand experience of insomnia. I was in my grammar school then. I believe till date sleep doctors or sleep scientist were rare in those days. I hardly found an article on the subject in major magazines in my locality.

Although I consult my doctor, he just took away my papers and told me it will rebate. I manage the issue well and now time to share.

A United States study on world sleep day 2014 has the following statistics:

·         Cost of insomnia is between 92.5 and 105 billion per annual.

·         71,000 people got injured every year due to sleep related accidents.

·         1,500 persons died because of sleep related accidents.

·         46% of individuals troubled with sleep disturbances report missing work, or making errors at work, when compared with 15% of people who sleep well.

Specific sleep statistics on insomnia is between 20-40% per year. One out of every three person is affected.

Over three million children suffer from sleep disorders. Of this, 30-40% do not sleep well.

How Much Sleep A Person Need

How much sleep does a person need in the night or in a day? Is it 10 hours? Sleep research it has been noted has not pinpoint the exact amount in a magic box.

The actual amount of sleep a person need varies. As individuals varies in their character, emotions, and so on, the exact amount of sleep need also varied.

In spite of what Napoleon said that a person who sleep for 8 hours is a fool, such a person according to research may need 10 hours of sleep to stay in sound health if that is practical.

Otherwise, disease like unsound mental health, sleep walking and sleep paralysis is the results.

Some persons has unnecessarily deprived themselves of much need sleep, by late night outings that during day time when sleep start to strike, they suppressed it with alcohol and other caffeine based beverages. This brings in more sleep problems.

How much sleep does a person actually need? There is a certain amount which experts all agreed upon. This amount is called the basal sleep need. It is not an exact figure. It even varied with all individuals.

This is the sleep one need to fuel the body properly. It can be any figure from 7 to 9.5 hours on scientific principle. At times, I need a basal sleep of 10 hours and that is on weekends. This kept my body in optimal performance. Yours may be 8 or 9 or more than mine. It all depends on your daily activities like work, http://greens4food.blogspot.comphysical activities, emotion, stress, and so

Okay, is it normal for you to feel sleepy when you should be awake? Say you are in the classroom with fellow student. They are energetic and alert and taking down notes. But you and two others are sleepy and dozing. Is that normal? No, but it is human.

Yes, you and these few need some more sleep in the night. Here you fall within what sleep experts called the sleep debt or sleep deficit. This is the state in which some persons do not have enough sleep in the day (siesta) or night. It can result to both physical and mental issues.

One unique thing about the sleep debt is that is that it is not a sleep disorder.

Two types of sleep debt can be identified. One, partial sleep deprivation. Here a person sleeps very little during the night for many days. For example, a student may like to burn the mid-night oil to study for his exams. He/she is constantly losing some hours of sleep. I have gone through such recourse by studying till 4.00AM after midnight for a week or two.

The second is total sleep deprivation. This is means a person keeps awake for some days without any sleep. They are practical instances of these done for sleep research.

Problem Sleepiness or Sleep Disorder

 More than 70 sleep disorders have been recorded. Problem sleepiness is high among many persons and results in serious effects like drowsy driving or asleep on wheel, errors in work or accidents in work place. The most commonly marked sleep problems are insomnia or lack of sleep, obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

1.      Insomnia: or the lack of sleep is an inability to sleep. It is the most common sleep disorder. It naturally makes a person to wake up during the night for no apparent reason unlike waking up for urinating. Going back to sleep again becomes hard for such a person. Stress, emotional discomfort, the side effects of certain medical and herbal drugs and beverages can cause insomnia. Insomnia is identified as both primary and secondary. The later is a complex factor of two sleep disorders like drugs and mental deficit. Secondary insomnia is more serious than primary insomnia.

2.      Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): This is a breathe issue that arise during sleep. The air passage becomes relax and collapse and the intake of air or oxygen is blocked. In other words, you cannot breathe while you are asleep. This makes the oxygen level in the blood low, while carbon dioxide is increased; and the only option is for the subject to wake up for breathe or fresh air. OSA can cause other health problems to suffers, and can be life-threatening. Taking the USA as a pointer, OSA affected over 12 million Americans. OSA affect not only men and women, but boys and girls, and even pre-school children. Its many minus effects includes morning headache, day time sleepiness, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure and heart attack. Another type of sleep apnea is central sleep apnea (CSA). Here the air passage is not blocked but the brain failed to receive the signal for the muscles to breathe.

3.      Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): persons that are affected by RLS are characteristic by “unpleasant leg sensations and an almost irresistible urge to move the legs.” The symptoms become worst when sufferers are not active and this greatly interfered with sleep. Exercise and massage are designed to threaten the symptoms. Others are complete elimination of alcohol and caffeine based beverages from the diets.

Sleeping Insomnia

While very few of the populace 15% can get enough sleep, and well rested on waking up, majority has at least one or two trouble getting the much needed sleep to keep the mind and body healthy. It can either be insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome or sleep paralysis. Have you suffer or experienced insomnia for instance? Did you consult a doctor or sleep therapy? Or did you go for herbal treatment? What do you think? You do not take any action but think the issue can resolve itself? That cannot happen. A bad sleep is a disease and like all sickness has to be treated. Having trouble sleeping or falling asleep is a challenge. Nowadays, having a sleep question has an answer or two.

How many times can a man sleep in a day apart from the good night sleep? Sufficient sleep is a health tonic for the body. Six to seven hours has been assert as “a recipe for chronic sleep deprivation.” So how many times or how many hours do a person (an adult) sleep in a period of 24 hours to get the sufficient sleep recommendation?

Many factors can help one to sleep well.  Factors like exercise, medication, relaxation and diet.

Tips To Help You Sleep Well

1.    Physical Activity: Have a moderate exercise in the evening. You can engage in any game of your choice like basketball, law tennis and football. I did this when insomnia pose a problem to me in my grammar school days. Indoor exercise like the jumping jack, mountain climbing, press up, and the plank can be done for 15 to 20 minutes in the evening.

2.    A Warm Bath: Have a slightly warm bath if the weather is cool or raining. Under a warm weather, a cool bath is all that is need.

3.    Eat a good nourishing meal. Your chop should have all the essential natural food ingredients in a well balanced proportion, carbohydrates, fats, proteins both animal and plants with plenty of fruits and vegetables including nuts. Persons who are addict to coffee and black tea can take these beverages in a slightly weak form or use the decaffeinate type along with the chop plate and can help you sleep well. But all alcohol and alcohol based liquor should be avoided at all cost. I recalled here when my family was very young, and I make a cup of coffee to go to bed with, they will all ran to bed before me because they cannot shut the doors and windows. Since, taking the coffee will make me sleep like a dead man.

4.    Read an interesting novel or an informative book during bed time. This will induced you to sleep well.

5.    Meditate and say your prayers depending on your believe in the creator Psm.2:8.

6.    Relax your mind and body while in bed. To get a good quality sleep, you must learn to relax mind and body. The quality of your sleep whether 6, 7, 8 or 9 hours will speak the story of health, well rested, vigor, energy and concentration on the task of the day.

To your good health!

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