Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Friday, 7 August 2015

10 Best Foods To Eat Throughout The Season That Promotes Good Health

 Introduction: Food is an important factor in the well being and nourishment of humans and lesser animals. 
Even our natural vegetation including food plants that produce foods for us need foods in the form of natural organic materials like oxygen and nitrogen; minerals, for example iron, sodium and calcium. 

Without foods, and well prepared foods, our bodies will not get the necessary nourishment for growth, repair and good health. 

Even plants growth and production will be stunt and poor. It becomes of us to get the best we can from foods. 

They are many and hundreds of food items that serves a useful and healthy purpose. But I want to state only ten that will serve  very useful here.

The Best 10 Foods To Eat

The best 10 foods to eat include eggs, lean and fatty meats, oily fishes, nuts and seeds; vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, vegetable fat and omega -3 fortified foods. All these most be sourced from organic gardens or farms. You can easily get them from good health food stores. Read label well that you are getting the best for your money.
Markets where these items are sold can be easily located everywhere. The good thing about this is that you can even buy them online!

Here are the lists of the best ten foods. 

Happy reading!

1.      Fish Products

Fish is the very best source of protein food for human beings. It should be a primary foodstuff in all our diet all seasons. Sardines, mullets, tuna, tilapia nilotica and many other oily fishes are more to be desire at all time. 

These provide additional heat from their oils. Additional benefits are that these oily fishes contained the essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acid. They help maintain a good and healthy heart. Get the best you can from fresh, frozen or dried sources. 

Shrimps, oysters, lobsters and clams etc are important in the diet Another good thing to notice is that fish contain many excellent first class proteins or amino acids. They are complete in themselves and need no supplements. That is why fish is a regular food in many third world countries. 

Westerners eat more meat than fish and this has somewhat contributed to the obese question. The result is also high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, cancer,stroke and heart attack. 

Why do the French in Europe; and the Japanese include too much fish and marine products in their meals? You can eat fish or fish source every day with very little health challenge. Persons who eat fish regularly for example as in the mediterranean diet or the Japanese enjoy good health and lives long.

2.      Eggs

 Eggs are as good as fishes. The protein in egg is more complete than any other source of protein. 

Protein is life and sustains life. Life comes from eggs. So eggs need to be eaten on a regular basis. Egg protein has all the essential amino acid or building blocks that the body need for growth, repair and replacement of the wear and tear of the body. An egg three times in the week is okay. But daily intake of this good stuff can lead to serious ill-health according to some authority. 

Recently, due to another research, daily ingestion of an egg is being suggested. But much is still to be learn from this latest research. Eggs provide more health benefits of containing essential minerals and by most, the anti oxidant necessary for eye health and vision. 

When eggs are mentioned, majority only think of poultry products and birds. Little is said of fish eggs. Female fish produce eggs that ranked with birds eggs. The cooked or fried product tastes unpleasant to some persons. But eggs of dried fishes taste chummy and agreeable. Next time you buy dried Tilapia check the belly for some eggs and you will be glad you did for your good health. 

Many a person fear to eat eggs. The fat in the egg is the issue. Majority think it contains many bad insoluble fats, that leads to hardening of the artery walls, and consequently leading to heart diseases. This norm has now been discredited. It is now proved that the fat in eggs has essential fatty acids that is crucial for the heart health. I eat eggs regularly and have not experienced any heart related illness for over thirty years.

3.      Beans:

Bean provides vegetable protein. Beans also contain plenty of fibres, mineral and photochemical and unsaturated fatty acid. The protein in certain beans like soya, black bean and edemame can be as good as an egg but lacks few essential amino acid. In other words, the protein in beans is not a complete protein. 

If soya beans and kidney beans is combined, you can combine up to four differing beans to get all the essential amino acid found in an egg protein for a good diet. 

Beans are good to be eaten daily, or you can eat beans two or three times in the week. The Glycemic Index of all beans is low, and this made it an idea diet for heart health, diabetes mellitus and other heart challenges. Bean is known to produce gas in the belly. But bean is not an exception. Many people who do not eat this food are known to produce gas too. Meat and milk produce gas, and the letter is worst.

 If you use garlic regularly as a cooking ingredient, it will neutralize this action. Again, cooking the bean over night ensures that will work well with the intestinal bacterial to eliminate the release of gas in the belly.

4.    Oils

Oils are essential for cooking, for dressing meals and frying. It will give you two times the energy in a protein or carbohydrate. So oils provide extra body energy or heat. “Extra” virgin olive oil is gotten from the very first press of the olive fruit or vine. You can eat it without cooking in your salads or other meals. It is very rich in vitamin, mineral and photochemical. It tends to be costly than other olive oil brands. 

Coconut oil is another good oil source to consider. Its high mono-saturated chains make it idea oil for cooking or frying.  

Palm oil provides beta carotene for eye health. Oils from natural organic soils or plantations should be prefer to industrial or inorganic productions. 

Fish oils from cod and other marine products line sardines, mullets, tilapia, shrimp and oysters are good.
5.    Fats

Fats are nowadays a challenging question in many minds. What is the best source of fats? Like vegetable oils, it is noted that some hundred years ago, fats do not pose any issue to human diets until the advert of vegetable oils. 

What is the best source of fats than? Should vegetable fats be preferred to animal fats? Many are asking these questions because one way or another, they have been mislead by advertisement and are at a cross road. 

Natural organic fats from animals promote good and heart health. Animal fats include red meat, egg yolk, milk fat and butter. Animal fat like red meat is safe to eat regularly. 

Avocado is the best source of vegetable fats. Its fat is comparable to olive oil. 

Animals that are grazed on fresh green grass tastes better than those feed with grains or the by-products of the cereal industries. 

If you doubt this, compared the yolk from two poultry eggs from domestic and industrial source. The red in the domestic egg is much richer in nutrient content and is better filling including the white than the industrialized farms. 

This is because during the milling processes, the nutrients in the grains removed for other commercial use. Then the by-products fortified with chemical products, not fit for human consumption.

6.    Nuts

A nut is not the same thing as a seed. Many nuts like peanut, walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts are good foods and to be enjoy much of the season. 
Recently, I received a mail in my inbox few days ago from webmed. It recommended a handful of peanuts, 24 almonds, 7 walnuts and 18 pieces of cashew nuts as enough for a man. 

But if you think otherwise, a half cup of peanut as I preferred because I am a very action in jogging, aerobic exercise and swimming.

7.    Citrus Fruits

All types of fruits are good. But pay special attention to citrus fruits this or all season. Lime, lemon, grape fruit, tangerine and oranges. 

This is easy to understand because these fruits have been proved to contain chemicals that that protects the health and boost the digestive, respiratory and immune systems. 

A glass of warm lime or lemon juice in the morning before anything else is both a digestive and a cold remedy. Its plus side is that it strengthened both the respiratory and immune systems. You can add a little powder ginger root to a glass of lime juice to enhanced its effect.

8.    Vegetables

All greens or green leafy vegetables from organic gardens free of chemicals so they do not trigger a cold virus. Enjoy your favorites. Use them in stews, soup and salads. Greens like basil, sage, mint, pumpkin leaves and even the leaves of the sweet potatoes, cassava, coco yam and its system are good leafy green sources.

9.    Seeds

 Enjoy pumpkin seeds. Flaxed seeds likewise.  These like nuts provide some oils that nourished the body into good health. 

Get the ones from organic gardens. 

These seeds provide polyunsaturated fats that promoted a healthy heart, good blood vessels and arteries.

10.  Omega Fortified Foods 

Omega-3 fortified foods in the form of breads and other products are now available in most good health food stores. 

It is a food supplements. 

In the webmedicine news letter to me, it was suggested. In spite of the many and various foods we eat daily, we still have to supplement them with this stuff. I do not know why this is so, but suffice to say that majority of us will not get enough omega -3 and -6 in combined quantity and quality in our chop plates. 

I am a fisher. Sardines and mullets are two of my favorite catches. I always sundry my catches and extract the oils; so I and my family do not fall short of this challenge. At times, I even baked my “Ezekiel” bread.

Preparing Your Meal

How you prepare your meal is up to you. 

Many recipes are available online for the type of diet you badly want for breakfast, lunch or supper. 

You can use your imagination to prepare your fancy chop plate, provide it is nutritious and taste great. 

Mix your protein, for example eggs, fish, lean meat and beans with a glass of milk or tea. This gives you four different protein sources. 

The same rule applies to fats, nuts, fruits and seeds, etc. Have you tried a mixture of virgin olive oil and peanut oil in any of your meals or dressing of vegetables? I do regularly and I enjoy the health benefit.

Physical Activities

With all these said on food and nutrition, what good can our meals do if we are not physical active? 

Exercise is an excellent aid in food digestion.

Do your aerobic exercises as you scheduled. Do them indoors this time because the room temperature will be somehow warmer than the outside. This will keep your muscles in better sharp.

Other aerobic exercises like jogging are best doing outside including games. Jog for at least half to one mile. Jog briskly. It will tone up and sharp your leg muscles especially. This will in addition condition all your body muscles.

I will not suggest swimming here because the water gets very chillier than the outside temperature. Even if the swimming pool is slightly heated, on getting out you will get chilled again, and this is bad.

To your good health any (chilly) season!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.