Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Your Blood Pressure And Your Health
Your blood pressure has messages for you. At most, three messages affect your overall health in this.

The message may be that your blood pressure is high. 

Your blood pressure can even be low. 

Thirdly, your blood pressure can be normal, which is the idea blood pressure for a healthy life.

Have you ever take the trouble to go and check your blood pressure with a health worker or with your doctor?

I regularly go to check for my blood pressure readings two times in the year.

You should check your blood pressure too.

195 over 100 is a high blood pressure reading.

But what is a high blood pressure?

When your heart beats, it forces blood all over your body. This movement that forces the blood all over the body is a blood pressure.

In scientific, medical and clinical circles, blood pressure is taken in two readings or numbers. The systolic and the diasystolic.

The systolic is the higher reading, while the diasystolic is the lower reading. When a health worker takes the readings, the systolic is always over the diasystolic.

If the upper or systolic reading of your blood pressure is 100 and the lower or diasystolic reading is 80, your blood pressure is 100 over 80 milimeter of mecury.

So, your blood pressure will be expressed as 100/80 mm Hg.

A 190/120 reading is a high blood pressure. 100/75 is normal and safe. 80/65 is low blood pressure and calls for medical attention or medication.

A blood pressure that is low is fatal as a blood pressure that is high.

It has to be raise to a normal and safe level.

Likewise, a blood pressure that is high and extremely high is a sign of ill health.

You should go for regular check up to determine if your blood pressure is low, high or normal.
A good diet along with good medication will make it normal.

Blood Pressure Challenges: Every person has a blood pressure. All adults, youths, kids and babes have a blood pressure. Even an animal has a blood pressure. But we are here concern with human beings.

Cause Of High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can be caused by many factor.

1.      Food And Nutrition: The food a person eat is a factor in raising the blood pressure above the acceptable normal level.

Too much carbohydrate, too much fat and too much protein will raise the blood pressure to a higher level.

Refined carbohydrate like white sugar is a primary cause. All refined carbohydrates will raise the blood pressure. White flour for making bread, biscuits and cakes are examples. But white flour is available to be mix with brown flour to strength the low gluten content in brown flour.

Whole food carbs like ripe mangoes, red oranges, and red potatoes can likewise raise your blood pressure.

This is because the food has a high Glycemic index (GI).

The rate at which they are oxidized to released energy is high in the blood stream and is very fast. So, these should be eaten sparsely.

In contrast, eating them half in raw state will not raise the blood pressure.

In other words, one should not over cooked potatoes. All refined carbs that are over cooked will raise the blood pressure.

To be on a safer side, check the GI of your favorite fruits and vegetables. You can have a fairly good idea as how to take good care of your blood pressure.

The so called white refined carbohydrates should be used as minimal as possible. These white biscuits, white breads, white rice are still necessary but plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts had to go with them to make a much healthy meal.

2.      Lack Of Regular Exercise: Exercise will burn fat in the body. Lack of regular exercise means more fats along with certain wastes is being regularly deposited in our body. This will increase a person weight. Thus, the gain in weight will raise the blood pressure.

A short brisk walk round a football field is a good outdoor exercise. Swimming the open water or in a swimming pool if you can swim is a good physical activity that will help reduced your weigh and lower your blood pressure if it is high.

Indoor exercises like the press-ups and down, push and pull, and the jumping jack can be done just for only 10 minutes on certain fix days and those can be fit your health.

Other Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

          You should half your intake of red meat, beef and all solid fats as margarine.

·         Eggs are good foods. The solid in eggs is good. Too much will raise the blood pressure. 
Reduced eating of eggs to two, two or three times in the week.

·         Reduced your drinking of alcoholic beverages or have it with lemon slice.

·         Increased your consumption of sardines, mullets and salmons. All fish that has the omega fatty acid -3 and -6 are good. These fatty acids are factors in reducing your blood pressure.

·         You can enjoy lean meat freely like sardines.

·         Vegetable proteins in the form of pulse should be a regular feature in our meals. Fresh corn is a good source. So, is lentils and whole wheat.

·         You can substitute vegetable oil and fats to animal fats and oils.

·         Eat a healthy diet always that is rich in natural minerals, vitamin and photochemical.
For example, here is a recipe for a potato fries that will help reduced your blood pressure.


·         4 fresh medium size mullets.
·         4 fresh sardines.
·         1 medium size fresh potato (sweet, Irish, or any potato of your choice).
·         3 big onions.
·         6 lobes of garlic bulbs.
·         3 piece green chili or green cayenne pepper.
·         ½ teaspoon ginger powder.
·         ¼ teaspoon dry chili powder.
·         ½ cup fresh peanuts.
·         ½ cup breadfruit (Parkinson).
·         ¼ teaspoon salt.
·         Fresh curry leaves.
·         1 semi ripe mango.
·         4 tablespoonful peanut oil.

·         Descale the mullet and sardines (use canned substitute if fresh items is not available).
·         Removed the dirty inside.
·         Wash fish well in clean water.
·         Salt the fish with two pinch of salt.
·         Light stove or cooker and turn to low heat.
·         Put on clean frying pan.
·         Put 3 tablespoonful peanut oil and warm.
·         Put the fishes into the frying pan and fry for 7 minutes. Turn the other side and fry again for 5 minutes. If using canned sardines, put fish in frying pan and warm without oil; and use the sardine oil to cook the other items.
·         While the fish is cooking, wash the potato with sponge. Use knife to scoop and remove any hard surface. Do not peel. The skin of the fresh potato has factors in bringing down your weight and controlling your blood pressure.
·         Slice potato into thin chips
·         Salted this with two pinch of salt.
·         Removed the fish and add 1 table spoon of peanut oil.
·         Peel the onions and garlic and cut into small chunks.
·         Wash the chili and cut into piece.
·         Pour the potato chips into the frying pan. Add three tablespoon peanut or olive oil with same amount of water and cook for three minutes stir all the time.
·         Add the nuts, onions, garlic, chili and curry leaves and cook for 3 minutes.
·         Add 1 table spoonful of peanut or olive oil again.
·         Cut semi ripe mango with skin into small piece and add to the cook stir well for2 minutes.
·         It is done.
·         Put into eating pan with fish.
·         Serves 2 persons.
·         You take it with a cup of black tea plus a cube of sugar and milk for breakfast or lunch.

Health Benefits Of Recipe: The health benefit to get from this recipe are

·         Lower your body weight since your calorie intake is low.
·         Your blood pressure is reduced since your weigh is reduced.
·         Regular taking of such a meal either as a breakfast, or lunch or supper will regulate the blood pressure.
·         Thus, high blood pressure is prevented.
·         The meal is full of natural goodness.
·         It will prevent diabetes mellitus.
·         It will increase and sustain your energy due to the numerous combinations of the various natural synergy items.

Alkaline Foods: food groups, fruits and vegetables, including nuts, herbs and spices that keeps the blood stream alkaline, are called alkaline foods.
·         The list will include all fresh or dried fruits.
·         All green leafy or greens when half cooked in raw state.
·         Spices like green chili, fresh curry, onions, garlic and chive.
·         Peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts and cashew nuts.
·         Tubers like yams, potatoes and cocoyam in their skin.
·         Cereals such as brown rice, bean, pea, bread fruit and lenticels.
Taking some of these food items in a meal will lower your blood pressure.

Food Items

Most of the food we eat are classified into carbohydrates, fats and oils; and proteins.

1. Carbohydrates or carbs for short, when cooked and eaten with their skin like cocoyam, yams and potatoes, gives an alkaline effect in the blood stream. Without their skin, they form a highly  acidic platform that brings in ill health like headache, diabetes mellitus, and thus, unnecessary gain in weight with flabby body tissue that shows prominently well on the waistline, belly and check.

· Yams, potatoes, cocoyam should never be peel. Just discard the outermost brittle layer. The fresh outer skin contained the mineral matters, vitamins, some fats and proteins. Doing away with all these leaves the carb or starch in an unbalanced state that breeds disease and ill health in the human body.

·  Rice is another carb food group that is always eaten in many house hold. Brown or unpolished rice is much better. It improves good health. Partially polished rice retained most of its natural nutrients.

·  Process wheat that has been turn into white flour, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, has all its essential nutrients removed, and additives added. Chemical additives and preservatives added. These are in the same class as white bread. Recently, some nutrition expert opinioned that due to the chemical additives in these foods, they dare not eat even a bite of these products! Not even an instant meat roll or hot dog!

·Those who advocates that the skin of any carb, fruits, roots should be discard completely because they are hard or tough has yet to realize the place fiber or bulk plays in human digestion. It help the movement of digested foods in the bowel.

2. Fats help maintain good body heat.

·  Animal fats: Meat or beef is my best animal fat. I enjoy it like any other person.

· Vegetables fats: Peanuts, breadfruit, cashew nuts and pine nuts, beans, particularly brown soya bean are good sources. All nuts have fats.

· Oils also provide body heat. Olive and peanut oils are good vegetable oils. So is sun flower oil. Peanuts, bean and rice are good food synergy make ups. Potatoes, bean, fish and eggs are another. Taken with some fresh fruits, it made a balance meal not until herbs like garlic, onions and ginger were add.

3. Proteins: Our bodies are made up of protein so to speak. All bodily cells are protein.

·   Animal protein: All animal protein like lean meat, poultry, milk and egg white is good. An egg gives the most essential protein the body needs. Combine with vegetable protein like soya, or any bean and peanuts, makes a good food synergy. Add your favorite fruits, herbs and greens. Marine foods especially, fish are the only best source of animal protein. Sardines and mullets contain the essential omega fatty acids -3 and -6. So are salmons. These wades off heart related disease and this in turn controls your blood pressure, and keeps your heart in good condition.

·   Birds like poultry and turkey are good sources of protein. These lack the essential fatty acid found in sardines and mullets. But they fat content is solid. Limit it to two times a week in diet.

·  Vegetable proteins. Bean, peanuts, corn, lenticel and bread fruit. Bean, peanut and bread fruit when combine can give you all the protein and essential amino acid your body need for good health. But as we are use to many animal products, adding a glass of milk or fresh fish to the meal is okay.

Fruits: apples, mangoes, guavas, melons and cucumbers should be eaten with their skin. Oranges when peel, the small opening cut out to suck the juicy out, should be chew and swallow. It contains pectin, a sub part of the vitamin C group. While sucking an orange, I have eaten half the white skin as I suck. It made my body resistant to cold and catarrh.

  To your good health!

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