Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Advantages And Benefits Of Swimming And How You Can Learn To Swim Part1

I like to say that I love swimming. Do you love this activity?

Swimming is one form of a physical activity that builds a strong body.

It is an all round body workout. It builds and keeps all major muscles of the body arm, shoulder, neck, chest and heart, lung, waist, hip and leg strong.

When you swim, your arms, legs, shoulder and head do all the movement and propel you either forward or backwards in the water.

When you thread water with your hands and legs, you stay stationary or vertically on water.

I love swimming. I like to swim regularly.

I would rather love to learn to swim competition than to learn to run a sprint because of the injury that would involved on an unlucky situation. Since, a sprinter can fall and be injured.

I have seen a law tennis player fell and break an arm or a knell.

I have seen a runner or jogger fell and hit his/her face on the hard ground and sustain some wounds or few bruises here and there on the body.

I have seen footballers, professional or amateurs, break they legs during a game of soccer and doctors put them into the wheel chair or on crunches.

Where does swimming come in here in the picture?

A good swimmer on a playful situation with a swimming partner and is push into the water. During the fall, the water cushioned his/her body against any injurious impact.

It is very hard and rare to get any harm during a swimming session. Even if you had not done some warm ups before the swim, injuries like a sprained back, arm or leg is rare.

But all said, it is better if you do some warming ups as in all bodily activities.

I had not seen any good swimmer get hurt during a swimming competition or water activities.

Drowning in the water is not an injury. It is an accident.

Accidents are caused by many factors, primary negligent. Recently, four year old toddler get drown in his parents swimming pool few minutes after his dad take a leave from him!

It is natural for the boy to move toward the pool or water! Learn more below.

His dad should not have left him alone without a caretaker or protective swimming float
on the kid.
More so, it seems the boy had no swimming lessons.

From a year, children including toddlers can be taught how to swim in shallow water. This is good news indeed.

A good swimmer will take all the necessary precaution as not to be drowned whether in the swimming pool or the drifting river.

Drowning in the river is always associated with persons who do not know how to swim. A person learning how to swim but goes alone without his/her teacher can be drown either in the river or swimming pool.

 A traveler crossing a river can be submerged if cannot swim when boat capsized.

This is all the more reason why swimming floats should be at hand for travelers crossing a river who do not know how to swim.

The advantage of swimming over all other physical activities is that it is not connected with any bodily damage.

7 Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming has many benefits. These are state below.

·      Post injury therapy. Are you a jogger or footballer? Do you play tennis or you are a cyclist? Did you sustain any pain after the playing session? Did your coach or teacher advice you to go for a swim for a post injury therapy? Swimming will impact healing therapy on that sprain and speed up the healing process! Most good coach usually told their students to go for a swim in case of a wound.

·       Swimming benefits the heart. During a swim, the heart rate speeds up. There is an increase rate of heart beat that takes some stress off the mind and body.

·         Consequently, swimming relaxed the mind and body. When you swim regularly, all stress and tensions in the mind and body finds an outlet and go away! You can relax well and even sleeps better.

·         Low impact therapy. I mentioned earlier you are playfully pushed into the swimming pool or a river and you fall on the water. Or you dive into a river. But the water cushioned your body on the impact generated. The trauma you would otherwise sustain on landing on a hard surface or ground, while landing on the water is zero!

·         Strong muscle development. Swimming builds all your body muscles. When you swim on a regular basis, your arms, neck, shoulder, hip, waist and legs do all the bodily movements in the water. This guarantee all round body muscle build up.

·         Swimming relief arthritis issues. The Arthritis Foundation recommends swimming as the best type of therapy for stretching muscles, strengthening muscles and an aerobic exercise. Swimming in the open water or the swimming pool will give all the three benefits mention here.

·         According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), if a pool is heated to warm the water, the warm water will help loosen the stiff joints. Persons with rheumatoid arthritis also benefits from this; and water based aerobic exercises improves stiffen joints and relief one from osteoarthritis pains.

Why Physical Activity Or Exercise Of Any Form Is Important To Your Health And Well Being

An active physical life is a sigh of good health.

A person in pain or who is not feeling well cannot be active. Life may slow down on such limitations.
So physical activity or exercise in any form is important for:

·         It can improve the quality of life.

·         It reduced the risk or tendency to develop certain diseases like type 2 diabetes. Certain cancers in men and women, and cardiovascular disease or heart disease.

·         Your blood pressure if high is reduced and becomes normal.

·         Your blood cholesterol is reduced.

·         Your bones, muscles and joints become strong, and the risk of osteoporosis is reduced.

·         In old age, you become better coordinate and balance, lowering your risk of a fall.

·         You will recover easily from periodic hospitalization.

·         You will feel better and in a better mood; and much more relax and sleep better.

·         You will maintain a healthier state of mind. Physical activity of any form helps dispel depression of any kind by blocking negative thinking and distract people from unnecessarily worries.

How You Can Learn To Swim

To begin with, you should have a few swimming suits. Most sports shops stocks various swimming materials boxers, bikinis, pants and swimming trunks that are suitable for men, women and children.

Choice the ones that is most comfortable to you even the color of the clothing is a personal preference.

Swimming comes in many styles like the crawl or free style, the breast stroke, the butterfly, the dolphin and the

Swimming can be an intimidating task.

But it is easy to learn to swim.

Take a small or medium size basin and half fill it with water in front of a crawling baby, some three yards away.

You will see the baby moves toward the basin of water.
My dad was a washer man dry cleaner. I was told he put me in his washing bath with some water to distract me from him. I later realize the rivers, streams and lakes become my friends early in my life.

So, swimming becomes an integrated part of my life.

It is natural for the baby to move toward the water, because the womb in which babes are formed and developed is its natural environment. It is full of water in which the baby made first home. The child will try as much as it can to get into the water and have some fun.

Learning how to swim can save a person life if ever one is stuck in water like the situation of a boat capsizing.

So the basic thing to do is to get comfortable in the water and have fun. Play around in the water like our baby friend above; and then learn all the simple and basic breathing and strokes techniques.

You are nearly done and can get swimming soon.

Good luck to your swimming adventure!

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