Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Monday, 3 August 2015

Swim For Life!

I love swimming period.

Swimming is one of the best all round body workout activity.

Every person can take part in swimming. There is no age restriction.

You are formed within a swimming environment, the womb, and you should learn to swim. It is an inborn trait.

Swimming as an activity will build up and tone every part of the body, your body.
If you cannot swim, learn the ropes. There is a simple form of it with no much ado.

This simple form or stroke called the dog paddle is so simple that every person can do it.

Dogs used it to cross rivers and lakes, hence the name dog paddle I think.

I write in one of my articles, “Sound Physical Activities” that a baby before birth learn to swim in his/her mother’s womb.

I held this statement dear and true. When a baby kicks in the womb, he/she is swimming.

You may also say the baby is just turning. Notice the posture of a month old baby when kicking and stretching out its arms while happily playing on its back.

Notice also a six month old baby crawling. Is not these movements somehow similar to swimming strokes?

All these are true to some limit.

Persons who do not know how to swim can do this crawling action in water at chest level and see how far to go. Without much ado, they can learn the beginner method of swimming in real time.

With that said, get a season coach to teach you how to swim at a moderate cost for three weeks or more. I learn to swim in two weeks time. It is worth the cost.

But if you want to go for competitive swimming, go for longer period of training.

I am talking here only of swimming for fitness and building strength. This is for life.

Benefits Of Swimming

If you cannot swim, and I am sure you would love to learn it later, here are the many benefits you get.

• Ensures cardio-respiratory fitness. It keeps your heart rate up.

• It takes stress off your mind and body.

• Less impact that protects the joints from stress, strain and tension. That is why swimming is recommend by the Arthritis Foundation

 • It tones the muscles and skin.

 • It burns calories.

• Cools the body during a hot weather.

Additional Health Benefits

 • It improves coordination, balance and posture.

• For some sporting injuries and conditions, it is recommended that subjects go for a swim for a good low impact therapy.

• It builds strength because of high resistance in the water to move from one point to another point.

• No pain to gain as on land exercise.

• It benefits for a life time as a healthy workout.

Why Should You Learn To Swim

There are many reasons why you should learn how to swim. Here are a few.

1.Swim to build your body. Persons who swim regularly do so to build their body. The stretching out and the kicking of the arms and legs couple with breathing is an all round mechanical action that builds the body and all the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, chest and hip; the thigh and legs and much more. The movement of the body, slow or fast against the draft builds your body.

2. Swim to relax mind and body. Yes, one can swim to banish tension and relax the mind and the body. Stress builds tension and strain the mind. One way to free your-self from this is to swim. It pays you to learn one rope of the trick or two. Stress affects all-students, scholars, workers, nursing mothers and children.

 3. Swim to rejuvenate and tone the skin. Dry skin is a bad skin. So is an oily skin. Swimming rejuvenated and toned your skin in a wonderful way. Why is it that some beauty salon or therapy soaked you in a saline bath? I recalled while growing up that most beauty queens that ever won a beauty contest in my locality came from the riverine or creek area.
Their secrets? Swimming in the river to rejuvenate the skin.

 4. Swim for the fun of it. Swimming is a competitive sport. But it is also a physical activity that can be enjoyed for fun as a paste time by every person.

 Swimming Strokes

The most popular swimming strokes are the breast stroke, the back stroke the butterfly and the crawl. The later is very simple and most suitable and popular for beginners. The back stroke is also an easy stroke. The breast stroke and the butterfly are hard strokes and will take you much ado to master it well. In competitive swimming, it is note if you mistakenly miss one stoke in the breast stroke you completely disqualify in the race, even if you come up at the top. That is how hard it is.

The Crawl or Free Style Stroke

It is the most popular and easy stroke for beginners as noted above. You will have a hard time to coordinate your breathing. Practice will make it easier for you. There are three ways to do the crawl. Get a good swimmer to teach you.


• Do not swim while you are hungry or you feel very cold. Should it happen that you need to eat have wines and juicy.

• Do not swim in very cold water or when there is a heavy rainfall.

• Identify the area you are swimming as safe.

• If you are a beginner, do not swim alone.

• Do not swim alone in swift moving rivers, lakes and seas. Instead, go with a trainer or a good swimmer.

To your swimming success and good health!

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