Good Health Is Wealth

If I had the option to choice between wealth and health, I will choose health.

Many will agreed with me here. But certainly some will not.

Health is wealth indeed. With good health, one has a strong body in which to go for and make wealth.

It is with a sound healthy mind and body that one can brainstorm and create all the natural resources one can imagine.

With this thinking, we need a good healthy foods,that is well prepared to sustain the body.

Not only this, but vigorous to moderate exercise that induced breathing and blood flow to carry oxygen and dissolved food nutrients in the blood stream all over the body.

Good health is wealth indeed.

Miebakagh Fiberesima

Friday, 31 July 2015

Benefit Of Eating Varied Colored Fruits And Vegetables Part3

This is the final part of the story: the benefits of eating varied colored fruits and vegetables.

 Even so, let’s as usual take some review or summation of what we learnt so far in part 1 and 2 of this subject. 

In other words, let’s recall some of the main substances of those lessons.

 • A minimum of seven servings and a maximum of thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables is universal suggested per day along with breakfast, lunch and supper. These servings should be break down into any ratio say 3, 4 or 5. 

• This will prevent common ill health and benefit health. 

• The various colors in fruits and vegetables signifies the many and varied nutrients in the plants.

• As the color of the rainbow varied, so I and you should varied our intake of the goodies daily. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. 

• Mixing all or some of those colors benefit health much than taking a single item of these colored fruits and vegetables. A one cup or 1g servings of each color green, red, yellow, white and blue each day is the require minimum of fruits and vegetables.

 • Take at least three colors: green-red-blue; or green-white-red; or green-orange-blue each day in variation if you cannot make the five color servings a day.

 • The essence of colors in fruits and vegetables is their photochemical or antioxidants. What is special about the antioxidants is their ability to prevent and fight diseases like cancer, heart attack, degenerating illness like memory lost and macular in old age. 

• Minerals and vitamins like C, K, flavonoids, work in synergy with antioxidants to destroy free radicals in the body. Fruits and vegetables in their unripe or semi ripe states are more potent in minerals and vitamins than in the ripe state. Even so slightly cooking them for at least two minutes benefits likewise.


• Fruits and vegetables being low in fats and proteins are cholesterol free and prevents circulatory relate illness like heart attack.

 • With the exception of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, low carbohydrates, and sugars and fibers in fruits and vegetables (FAV) prevent diabetes mellitus another circulatory problem.

 • This again means that these low and beneficial nutrient contents in the goodies have low Glycemic Index (GI) and hence low metabolic rate in the blood stream. The higher the GI of a brightly colored FAV, the faster the rate at which sugar or glucose is used up. 

Okay, let us continue with last part. 

Blue/Purple Colored Fruits And Vegetables Each color of a fruit and vegetable speaks or contain a unique health factor. Red colored fruits as we have seen are rich in lycopene. 

It also has quercetin. This helps to prevent and control prostate cancer in men and low blood pressure. 

Beta carotene, flavonoids, vitamin C in oranges and yellow colored fruits and vegetables maintain alkaline balance in the blood and works in synergy with magnesium and calcium in building healthy bones in the body. Green colored fruits and vegetables I realize is the parent color of all fruits and vegetables. Everything growing is first green. 

A shot newly spring up is green. Before a berry or tomatoes becomes ripe or red in color, it first shows up as a green colored berry. So a mature unripe mango can change its color from green to yellow or red. This can be said of oranges, guavas, papayas, apples and pears with the exception of green beans, pea, brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc. 

Hence, bioflavonoids are mostly found and plentiful in all green and unripe fruits and vegetables; and in a lesser degree in the ripe goodies. Phytonutrient or photochemical is what set fruits and vegetables apart from animals birds and fishes. These are the antioxidants in flowering plants. Some of the antioxidants that destroy free radicals in our bodies are sum up below. 

1. Quercetin: The antioxidant prevented LDL cholesterol oxidation and enable your body copy with allergens; lung and breathing disorders. It is found in apples, citrus fruits and onions for example. 

2. Ellargic acid: It acts as both an antioxidant and anticarcinogen in gastrointestinal tract. Found in walnuts, raspberries and strawberries. Beta-carotene is an ellargic acid. Beta-carotene is well known to resolve eye sight challenges. 

3. Flavonoids: In the group are anthocyanins, flavones and isoflavones. The antioxidant flavonoids gives fruits and vegetables its many and varied colors. It reduces inflation and stops tumor growth in cells. 

4. Bio-flavonoids: This is a sub-group of the flavoniods. It increases the value of vitamin C in the body; lowers cholesterol and benefits cholegen in the joints. 

5. Beta-glucen: includes EGCE in tea. It reduces colon and breast cancer in women; and boost the immune system. What makes blue fruits blue or blue berries blue? The answer is the photochemical anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. 

To feel healthy and young, eat blue or purple colored fruits and vegetables. Blue berry, black berry and black currant are some of the blue and purple fruits. As a boy, blue berry is my favorite. 

I even ate it in its wild form I can tell you right away that the wild spice of these fruits are much better than the inorganic type. 

They disease fighting antioxidants contain phenolics. They reduce cancer and Alzheimer’s in the elderly and is reputed to slow down the aging process. Eat blue berries and other blue and purple colored fruits and vegetables to reverse the trend. 

To your good health!

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